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Xillia shipped and sony borked me – Personal Update

I finally got my preorder for Tales of  Xillia today along with a lovely Jude charm with him in his cless armor. It says china on the back of the head, kinda bummed about that. Was pretty excited that I’d be able to pop it in. However it seems in order to play xillia I was required to update my PS3. So I go about grabbing the firmware from sonys site to upgrade my PS3. What do you know, the update ends up with an error causing my PS3 to go into an infinite update and fail loop. My PS3, now with no firmware on it due to the safe mode boot up formatting it then following by an error still ended up bricking my poor PS3.

So today has been filled with greatness followed by epic failure. Thanks Namco and truly thank you sony. Guess I’ll be holding onto this beautiful game untouched until I gather the money for a new PS3.

Japan Crisis

This has been on the news for a few days and yet only now do i find myself writing about it. This incideny would have helped the Japanese view foreigners as less hairy barbarian and more as humans like them. With all the help they are currently receiving from other countries.

However a lot of people are considering what happened as a good thing. A lot of Americans are basing all of this with pearl harbor, even though we nuked Japan twice which was double over kill as to the pearl harbor attack.  Yes I’m generalizing it but I’m only speaking of those who are saying such, not everyone as a whole.

Idk, it just gets me riffled when I see such illogical crap spouting from the high and mighty americans from this situation. Now I truly see why we are viewed as such bad people to the world outside. It’s a tragedy when it happens to us, but when it happens to another country, it’s ll just a joke. Right now, I’m ashamed I’m American. A majority of people killed at pearl harbor were soldiers, however a majority killed in Japan by the 2 fucking nukes was a mass of civilians.  It happened 60 years ago, people have lost those they loved in the incident. But bearing a grudge is exactly why people can never change.

Anyway, as I said to my clan a few hours back, the negativity is not only routing from certain american individuals, but also figureheads inside Japan. The current govenor of Japan, Ishihara, that did things as if he was a dictator had this to say.

The identity of the Japanese people is greed.

This tsunami represents a good opportunity to cleanse this greed, and one we must avail ourselves of.

Indeed, I think this is divine punishment.

*Taken from sankakucomplex

Basically he was saying that all the people that died, all the people who lost their homes, all those who grieve in general of what happened, are simply now an opportunity to change Japan. It’s people like him that make me sick more than anything. People that have the power to change things, see the world like this and thus prevents change. Greed indeed, but that greed lies with people like him, not the innocent people.

Most of this was copied and pasted from my conversation.

Identity theft – My, My, The stupidity of the world

Click to enlarge the stupidity of some humans.

Ordinarily identity theft is used for criminal purposes. However I found someone idiot enough to actually try an “be” me. (Quotation for the fact of it not being literal as it’s just a community face, probably done with no ill intentions but done, either way.) Stealing the name, avatars, and signature I worked my ass off to make, then passing it off as his own. I really wouldn’t give two shits if they used the name, but going as far as to become me is a story I will end.

Apparently some fuck from the gamecampus MMO community under the name of Wondergirls went so far as to pass himself off as me within a S4 leauge community. I must be one hell of an amazing person, YEA! But I will still not stand for that shit. Really though how did this person not expect to be caught. My name is carved in the google search engine for crying out loud.

This rant was brought to you by my anger. Have a fantastically shitty day.

My original art theft rant:

Soul Master – Dropped

To start off, I was planning on writing a review for this game as it had peaked my interest and was looking to turn out nicely. I could not have been more wrong.

Soul master is not a game worth spending more than a few days on. The PvP gets very stale after awhile, not to mention hackers, which I will get into later when I start talking about the company. The PvE becomes very repetitive and after a certain part, becomes the same for every level. Now you think this is usual but comparing this to grind is more agonizing because exp to level and how much you get from the missions will cause the player to do the same missions 10 – 20+ times. This is a major flaw with the game, because levels cause quite a large imbalance in PvP, in a PvP specific game.

Now the company running the game is just murdering the game further. To start off the game was released as a complete bug fest. It is standard for a game in closed beta to have bugs, but the game was released as if it was not even tested for outside use. The game was simply horrible to try and play with these bugs. Now when a game is messed up like this, OB is usually set for a bit away. However this company set it to be released one week after the closed beta, in which they should have had a second CB with how bad it was. Of course however the open beta comes and a majority of the bugs are still present. (No one saw that coming did they.) It seems they wanted to release it to start raking in money as soon as possible or whatever the case is.

The second issue will be what kills most games and that would be the lovely cash shop. The GMs gave users the privilege to use the cash shop during CBT. The game kill alerts went off right there. Items in the cash shop included scrolls that could reduce the level needed for armor and the thing here is, it reduces said armor by 5 levels. Armor in this game alone is an imbalance due to it giving a pretty noticable boost per level. IE the level 5 armor is notably better to the level 1 armor. So of course an item released that could give a level 1 a (as to say) end game armor because he used scrolls to reduce it’s level, is simply absurd.

The third and final issue, is the lack of any defense on the game against hackers. I’m sure everyone knows the issues of rampant hackers, so I don’t really need to get into that failure.

There are many items that will cause unbalance and I’m willing to bet there will even be scrolls that may decrease construction time or even increase seed speed output. That’s if they aren’t already there. This game WILL become cash shop or gtfo. Those who will not use the cash shop will get royally fucked by those who do.

All in all, in my opinion. Avoid this game like the plague unless you enjoy these type of unbalances and an incompetent GM team that will screw it further.

Namco – Tales of Grace PS3 [More Failure]

Namco Bandai’s Tale of Grace released on the WII was known to be a complete bugfest. The game hit a point where the company actually had to recall the game.

As most people suspected, with what namco did with vesperia, would happen the same with grace surely aren’t surprised by this announcement. The game is now being developed in a complete edition once again for the Playstation 3. This will probably once again spark outrage for selling an “incomplete” game or as sankakucomplex usually puts it, beta testers for a PS3 port.

Being a playstation man myself I find this as really excellent news. That is until I found the shocking truth that this game will not be coming to america period, WII or PS3 version. This makes me wonder, is the company really trying to go bankrupt, or their CEO has just lost his mind. I guess the visioned future where tales games are no longer made may be sooner than expected by causing outrage to XBOX360 users and now even WII users. This will more or less lead to people not even bothering to pick up a copy of a new tales title with what has happened twice now in mind.

Soul Master – Review Postponed

As it stands now, Soul Master run under the company GameCampus has been plagued with limitless bugs. It seems as if the game was released with no testing at all. Whether the game masters for the game were just playing rather than testing is left with a nice bold (?) As with this I have had many, many issues trying to play the game. So with that said I was unable to experience the game to give it a review.

Let’s give hope to seeing GameCampus cleaning up their act by the time they put the servers into OB.

Angel Beats & Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

A comparison made by blind fools

Alright to start off before angel beats even aired, Angel beats heroine Yuri was stated to be a replica in appearance to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu main star Suzumiya, Haruhi. Admittedly they do appear similar but exactly why is it that people label her as another Haruhi? As Angel beats progresses the difference between the two are so incredible yet still, idiots continue to label her the same.

Yuri is a leader of a group the same as Haruhi, but that alone is a mere position within the anime. Yuri is strong, wanting to lead those around her into happiness, to find out the truth of why the world is so cruel. Caring about the members of her team even knowing that they will be revived if dead, even cursing herself for poor leadership (Episode 2). Not only that but even willing to put herself right in the midst of battle to fight instead of sitting back. (Episode 6)

To wrap this up, simply put, the appearance is the only similar thing between the two girls. The actual characters are completely different. So the fact for those that say “I’m not gonna bother with angel beats, I’ve already seen Haruhi” are missing out on a very excellent anime.