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Anime Summer Lineup – My Personal Opinion

Horror and Romance

The main genres for the summer lineup seems to be either romance or horror, with one being a mix of horror and ecchi. (what..?) I wasn’t really expecting myself to watch anything other than shiki because really none of these caught my eye initially. Though I usually at least watch the first episode of most anime to determine if I would like it or not. Being four weeks into the line ups, I once again review the top 4 anime for me of the summer season, now that I’ve had a chance to somewhat enjoy them. I try to keep these short and simple so I don’t ruin anything but rather try and peak interest of it to others.


Shiki is the main anime I have been awaiting for the summer season. Sadly the anime has nothing but shit subbers, subbing it so I’ve had to suffer with the garbage subs of Horriblesubs. (Post a link to them? Fuck that!)

Shiki, as most horror anime starts off is rather slow and mysterious. Even though right off the bat people can tell somewhat, what is going on.  The story revolves around the village of Sotoba where a sickness has been going around resulting in the death of many of its inhabitants. The doctor of the village Ozaki, Toshio is shocked to find out the cause of death was nothing more than a variation of amnesia. They stated it to be a summer cold but of course he does not believe that and vows he will destroy what ever it is killing off the people of the village.


Some of the character design I have to say are done amazing. The eyes of the characters are particularly amazing, though other are just..what? (Refer to the above image). So simply some character designs are amazing, then there are some characters that just leave me speechless as to what the artist was thinking. Aside from that the anime has kept me quite interested even though I would have liked it to be more mysterious rather than them showing people right away who the “source” is.

So far: 8.5/10

Amagami SS

This would be the first of the line up that I unexpectedly liked even though I thought I wouldn’t beforehand. However after watching the first episode I actually found it to be quite good, with some quality fansubs coming from Unlimited Translate Works [UTW].

Amagami has a rather strange setup for the series. It will feature the main male, Tachibana, Junichi, in different arcs scoring different girls.So it’s like the anime takes all paths of a visual novel, getting a different girl each time condensed into 4 or 5 episodes each I would assume.

The arc that was currently ongoing and recently finished last week was Morishima, Harukas arc. During the start Junichi took a liking to Haruka while a friend of his was talking about her on the way to school. They spent a little time with one another and Junichi confessed to her only for her to turn him down saying she would like an older guy. Junichi then went into despair after getting shot down until he talked with Haruka once again where she said she’d like them to go on as they usually are.

Time goes on lalalalala and they start having some kind of strange role playing relationship. (._.) Haruka eventually starts to like Junichi and gets over the whole your not older thought. Eventually it hit chrismas time, which is 2 years after Junichi got his whimpy heart broken. There he asks Haruka on a date for chrismas, but Haruka says she can’t due to a chrismas party, where she invites Junichi as her date. As they enter the hotel where the “party” is supposed to be, they both head to the pool to wash away their sweat. Afterward they head up to the hotel room only for Junichi to find out Haruka lied about the party. Haruka heads to take a bath telling Junichi not to peak. Of course she comes out crying asking why he didn’t peak and why he wouldn’t ask her out again. Her embraces her and a scene 10 years later takes place. They both are now apparently married and it seems they still like to roleplay. (Nobody saw that coming. ::Roll::)

Current rating: 8/10

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

Ookami-san is made by J.C. Studios so they of course love to have their heroines be flat chested. Though this time their usual voice actor for this type of character, Kugimiya, Rie is not voicing her. Though she does voice a loli side character, Usami, Mimi, only seen in episode 3.

Anyway~ Ookami-san has been rather slow as well so really not to much to say. To start off Ryouko is viewed as an aggressive person, however Ryoushi has taken a liking to her believing the outside and inside don’t match up. That Ryouko is wearing a “mask” as to say. At first Ryouko doesn’t like Ryoushi but as always with tsunderes starts to open more to him and even begin to rely on him all while up keeping her “I don’t care about that bum” attitude.

The main point of the story revolves around the otogi bank. This isn’t exactly how it sound however. The Otogi bank is actually where clients request favors which put’s them in a “dept” that they have to repay. The head of the bank is actually the school principle but is being run inside by the actual student. Through this a client comes in to request Ryouko deal with her boyfriend and that she can’t do it herself. This turns into a trap however and Ryouko is ambushed and kidnapped by the “Oni” the delinquents. There a mysterious man seems to be the one behind it all. After a bit the rest show up and rescue ookami with Ryoushi watching her back as she fights.

With the latest episodes where the otogi bank invades the delinquents school of course while charging through them. Eventually they all get seperated with ookami confronting the student council president Hitsujikai, Shirou on her own. After seeing him, ookami’s body starts shaking uncontrollably until ryoushi arrives calling her name. What could the connection between them two be? Guess we will find out in the coming episodes. Ookami is seen sitting on a bench depressed when Ryoshi comes by to cheer her up, vowing that he will protect her.

Currently: 9/10

High School of the Dead

High school of the dead where everything is about Zombies, Boobs, and Panties. Quite honestly I’m going to post up this, the bolded part had me laughing for quite a good time.

What would it be like if a school was overrun by zombies?

… There’d be the breasts of a hot teacher bouncing around all over the place, wouldn’t there? She’d be trying to save her class from all kinds of trouble.

I try to keep this in mind when making the anime.


“Even if the world is swarming with zombies, let us not forget the breasts and thighs!” – those are our watchwords.


I want to keep making lots of scenes full of jiggling breasts as much as possible. We really think the people who come to watch this are in it for the boobs.

Currently we are constantly researching how to better portray realistically the jiggling breast.


Yes, it’s all about the breast jiggle. I’ve never even seen an anime with as much jiggle as  this. We’re still in production for the remaining episodes but we’re going to keep at it with the jiggling.

Tell us what motivated you to make Highschool of the Dead?

I’m aiming for something I would have bought myself in middle school. At present, this would definitely have been a “buy” for me. I can feel my schoolboy heart rejoicing even now.

Source: SankakuComplex

Hahaha, now with that out of the way. The main point of HSotD is obviously the zombie swarms. Komuro, Takashi is despairing over the fact that he lost his chance with the girl he loves, Miyamoto, Rei. While he’s sulking he sees a man at the front gate trying to get in. The teachers confront the guy, while one of the teachers reached out the gate the man bit into his armor cause the guy to die. A female teacher there got down to help him, just for the man to come back alive and begin eating her. (Like omg zombies, scary!) Takashi see’s this happening and runs to the class room to grab Rie as well as his best friend and her boyfriend Igou, Hiashi. As they begin to run the school becomes over run with everyone turning into the undead. It’s not only the school however, the entire world has become plauged. Thus the story of the survivors trying to escape that fate and get out of the city begins.

Current score: 7.5/10

Added Reviews

I added a review category because it seems I do more I should say shitty reviews, than I thought. I will also be putting up another one in a few hours.

Namco – Tales of Grace PS3 [More Failure]

Namco Bandai’s Tale of Grace released on the WII was known to be a complete bugfest. The game hit a point where the company actually had to recall the game.

As most people suspected, with what namco did with vesperia, would happen the same with grace surely aren’t surprised by this announcement. The game is now being developed in a complete edition once again for the Playstation 3. This will probably once again spark outrage for selling an “incomplete” game or as sankakucomplex usually puts it, beta testers for a PS3 port.

Being a playstation man myself I find this as really excellent news. That is until I found the shocking truth that this game will not be coming to america period, WII or PS3 version. This makes me wonder, is the company really trying to go bankrupt, or their CEO has just lost his mind. I guess the visioned future where tales games are no longer made may be sooner than expected by causing outrage to XBOX360 users and now even WII users. This will more or less lead to people not even bothering to pick up a copy of a new tales title with what has happened twice now in mind.

Black Rock Shooter OVA

Black Rock Shooter OVA Review

I have been awaiting this one OVA since the date it was announced. I am a huge fan of the amazing artwork huke has always produced. So of course the moment I caught wind that his piece Black Rock Shooter would be getting it’s own OVA I simply died from overjoy. Now that I have been able to enjoy it as well, it didn’t quite hit my expectations. I am going to post a review on the OVA as two seperate parts. One part containing the world of Kuroi and one with the world of Black Rock Shooter. The reason why is simply because all there is to review on the Black Rock Shooter part is the battles that happen.

The story plays simultaneously, with Black Rock Shooter fighting in another world, while she is portrayed as a normal girl known as Kuroi, Mato. While Black Rock Shooter fights against her enemy Dead master, who is portrayed as a normal girl as well, Takanashi, Yomi. Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master wage their fight, while the two girls Mato and Yomi wish to grow closer.

The animation for the part of the Kuroi story is how it typically is seen in anime. However the part that shows Black Rock Shooter more so resembles how huke does his art work. Simply amazing says it all.

Kuroi, Mato

At the start of the OVA Kuroi is a middle school girl getting ready for her first day of school. It shows her as a young, rather MOE type girl. (Glad to go to school, what?) As she first walks to the school a certain girl catches her attention, Takanashi, Yomi. Kuroi takes a liking to her and tries to become friends with her. Though has a hard time trying to figure out ways to approach her. She is finally able to do it but in a rather humorous way if I must say. After that however they start to become closer to one another.

Takanashi, Yomi

Finally the next year comes and the two girls end up in separate classes. Time passes and the girls start to spend less time with one another and eventually begin to grow apart. During that year Kuroi meets another girl Yuu. The two of them begin to grow close just as she did with Yomi. Yomi starts to become jealous of the bond that Kuroi and Yuu have grown and runs away.

However Kuroi  becomes saddened by the distance that has grown between her and Yomi and finally towards the end of the OVA starts to do something about it. As she desperately starts searching for Yomi a blue glow begins to envelop her. She is transported to I guess you can say another dimension where she meets her other self, Black Rock Shooter. At that point the two girls merge and become one.

Whether this means Black Rock Shooter became kuroi is something I can’t say I can confirm or if it is vice versa. After the credits roll it shows that the two girls have reunited and have become friends once again. It also shows Yuu becoming depressed at the end. Is that some sort of premonition for a future OVA?

Black Rock Shooter

Now it’s time for the good part of the movie. The Black Rock Shooter part is simply the battles that ensue between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master. There is no voices or talking during these parts of the movie. The battles were somewhat well done however but I did enjoy them slightly.

Dead Master

The final battle that happens between the two is the last. Black Rock Shooter embraces Dead Master and the “evil” I would guess that was in Dead Master is purged and the “evil” then disappears.

Black★Gold Saw

At the very start of the movie people get to see the lovely Black Gold Saw. Even though she is only in the OVA for that brief period, it was a enjoyable part indeed.

Story – 5 | Animation/Art – 8 | Characters – 7 | Voices – 8

OneManga – Target of Anti Piracy

It seems the manga publishers mean business. OneManga seems to be the first to be shut down by the anti piracy formation.

It pains me to announce that this is the last week of manga reading on One Manga (!!). Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it. We have decided to abide by their wishes, and remove all manga content (regardless of licensing status) from the site. The removal of content will happen gradually (so you can at least finish some of the outstanding reading you have), but we expect all content to be gone by early next week (RIP OM July 2010).

So what next? We’re not really sure at this point, but we have some ideas we would like to try out. Until then, the One Manga forums will remain active and we encourage all of you to continue using them. OMF has developed into a great community and it would be a shame to see that disappear.

You can also show us some love in this moment of sadness by ‘liking’ our brand new Facebook page. It would be nice to see just how many of you came to enjoy our ‘better than peanut butter and jelly’ invention.

It seems OneManga will only be the first and many more will probably follow. For those who aren’t bothered to search for the main scanslators may very well go to buying or just plain stop reading manga. As I myself only read a couple manga, I don’t find this to be to big of an issue. Though for those who live for manga may have a little more of a harder time trying to find series.

Soul Master – Review Postponed

As it stands now, Soul Master run under the company GameCampus has been plagued with limitless bugs. It seems as if the game was released with no testing at all. Whether the game masters for the game were just playing rather than testing is left with a nice bold (?) As with this I have had many, many issues trying to play the game. So with that said I was unable to experience the game to give it a review.

Let’s give hope to seeing GameCampus cleaning up their act by the time they put the servers into OB.

Soul Master Hit’s CB on July 22nd

We would like to welcome all of you to the Soul Master Community, and are pleased to announce that the Closed Beta Test is currently scheduled to open at 11am PDT on Thursday, July 22nd!

The Soul Master CBT will run from 11am (7/22) ~ 5pm (8/4) PDT.

Everyone that wishes to participate will require a CBT Key to register, however as a thank you to those that had shown interest in the game long before the CBT was close, all accounts that registered for CBT Keys before 4:00pm PDT on 7/8/2010 have already been marked so that they will NOT need to input a CBT Key in order to participate in the Closed Beta Test. We will also be announcing several rewards and opportunities which will be exclusive to those of you whom had registered early. Once again, if you registered for the Soul Master CBT before today (7/8), you will not need a CBT Key.

All accounts that wish to register for the CBT from this point forward will need to visit one of our CBT partners in order to receive a CBT Key in order to participate in the test. After clicking the “Register for CBT Key” button at the top left of the website, accounts not yet registered for the Beta will be shown the current list of CBT Key affiliates which we will be updating frequently as their sites go live with the giveaways over the next two weeks. Visit one of them, follow their instructions to receive your CBT Key, and simply enter it on the Soul Master registration page when prompted to input your key.

To clarify for existing GamesCampus users, you must still register for the Soul Master CBT with your existing accounts in order to participate. Those of you who have already done so, welcome aboard, and those of you who haven’t done so yet will need to grab a CBT Key to register your GamesCampus account for the Beta Test.

We’re extremely excited to show you all what we’ve been working on over the months, and we’re almost there! As a standard CBT reminder however, for the two weeks after we open on 7/22 it will be to test the game live, find what needs to be changed or fixed based on your feedback and what we observe, and then make improvements to the game before we go to open service this summer.

Our intention is to upgrade our current build based on what we have already seen with the Japanese service’s CBT, and attempt to get those improvements added to our existing client within the next two weeks. It looks like we’ll be able to do it in time, however if anything comes up we take the stance that it’s better to take the time needed to make a better game than to rush out something of lesser quality. All that being said, we sincerely appreciate all of your interest and enthusiasm on the forums in the interim, and we look forward to playing with you all in a few short weeks!

Please keep an eye on the Announcements and Events section of the forums as we approach July 22nd for more information about CBT Events, Contests, and Giveaways!

-Alpha, Soul Master Producer

For the Closed beta we will be able to experience the Knight, Bearcat, and the Priest. All three of those classes can be viewed at this location on MMOsite. We can hopefully expect to see the 3 missing classes which would be Maharite, Slayer, and Chirsnian, by the time the game enters it’s open beta state. The GMs seemed to have put a considerable amount of time on the game, so we can expect to see decent translations and a mildly to no buggy experience. Users will hopefully inform the staff if they do encounter any bugs.

Soul Master also has a rather, strange community. The game has a low population however users seem to want to create a guild left and right. It feels sort of like I’m having to deal with kids when I see it. Lets hope this small community is bigger come time for the games closed beta.

That’s all for now, as posted in a previous blog, I will give a thorough review of the game after the Closed beta test has come to an end and and I have been able to fully experience the game.