Guild Wars 2 – RageQuit INC. to join the fray

RageQuit’s here, as promised, and coming to Guild Wars 2. We’ve been laying low for a bit, hard at work on our new site and other developments, but we’re here now, and we’re ready to open recruitment.

If you don’t know who we are, that’s fine – what you should know is that we’ve been together over 10 years, under the same leadership, and we have an extremely strong track record. If you DO know just how brutal that track record is, don’t ruin the surprise.

Classically, RQ has been a full-PVP focused guild. A lot has changed throughout our GW2 preparations. PVE-based players are welcomed and encouraged to apply, Guild Wars 2 is a cooperative setting in which both PVP and PVE can help a guild to grow and flourish and become leaders of their server both at home and in The Mists – which is exactly our plan. For now, references in the guild are NOT required, everyone has an equal chance at acceptance based on your application and any other information you provide on it.

RageQuit’s been around for a long time, but even new members have the opportunity to climb the rank ladder quickly. We’ll need skilled generals for the Mist who are able to lead our clan and the rest of the server, we’ll need raid leaders to keep things scheduled and organized for the bosses back home, and dungeon experts to perfect the new 5-man dungeons.

If you’re interested, check us out. Application link is on the new site at – Any questions can be directed to our forums, I’ll be happy to answer them. We are already a member of an extremely powerful alliance, but I’ll be happy to hear from any other guilds.

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