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Tales of Xillia – Finally a real game or another “beta”?

A little late here but I’ve been swamped lately. Anyway about a week ago…I think that’s when i heard of it anyway, the newest tales game was posted on the namco website. It was rumored of a “xilia” before the official announcement and when the game was finally unvailed it seems xilia wasn’t so far fetched. That is, the newest tales game is Tales of Xilia, A ps3 “exclusive”.¬†Exclusive from namcos term being of course, not so exclusive.¬†Slated for release in 2011, however no specific or even round about seasonal dating.

The game will feature two main characters. This means that you will either be able to play the role of the Male, Jude, or the female, Mira. Based on who you pick, is how the story will play out based on their point of view within it. So summed up a story with two perspectives.

The battle system is “Double Raid Linear Motion Battle Sytstem”. It’s a system that stacks up combos and skills with two characters. Meaning one skill, can lead into a combo with another characters skill.

This is all the info that has been released up until now. Nothing more than what was unveiled the first day has been released further.

For those wondering if this will be coming to the U.S., it’ll be a long while till we even get a hint of it. This tales might just pull the tales series up, so if it does well enough in Japan, we might just get it. So don’t lose hope.