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Japanese Animator – Poor Industry

The notorious poverty of Japanese animators once again come in for scrutiny, with animators reportedly earning an hourly wage of only $3, less than a burger flipper.

Average incomes for anime industry employees are said to be pathetic even by Japanese standards – actual animators received an average annual wage of ¥1,050,000 ($10,000). Artists received ¥2,320,000, whilst performers could expect only ¥3,330,000 and even directors only received ¥4,950,000.

Looking at the results by age reveals it is most probably seniority and not merit which is the primary determinant of wages, a practice which became entrenched in Japan in the post-war period and still dominates the labour market – those in their twenties received an average of ¥1,100,000, those in their thirties ¥2,130,000, whilst those aged 40-60 found their earnings peaking at a meagre ¥4,000,000.

Actually dividing this income by hours worked (Japanese companies not infrequently demand massive amounts of unpaid overtime) reveals an even more pitiful truth – the average hourly wage for animators is estimated at ¥298 ($3), that for artists ¥689, and that for directors ¥1,412.

For reference, McDonald’s employees in Tokyo can expect an hourly wage of ¥1,000.

Japan’s plunging marriage and birth rates have often been blamed on these kind of hiring practices – employees in their twenties and thirties increasingly report that girlfriends, let alone wives, are out of their reach. The situation would appear to be even more aggravated in the anime industry.

The survey also asked about job satisfaction – unsurprisingly, 62% reported their love of drawing was the main motivator, as opposed to other factors such as money. 16.6% reported grave dissatisfaction with their work, 37% “dissatisfaction” and only 3.5% were “very satisfied.” 70% reported dissatisfaction with their wages.

With studio output declining recently it seems unlikely matters will improve.

Source: SankakuComplex

Alright well to point out, you can’t simply “become” an animator. You need to progress through college, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to do so. As the above article states, they make a mere $3 fucking dollars. Is it pure love for what they do that makes them want to continue through such hell. This alone would make it so that it takes just about their whole lives to pay back college fees ect, not to mention how do they even survive? I don’t live in Japan so I can’t say how living expenses are but with that amount of wage you wouldn’t even be able to make rent let alone other bills and even FOOD.

Don’t get me wrong I love anime and I’m glad to see the amazing devotion they have to bringing us this stuff even under such horrid circumstances. The issue is however, how long will this last? Japans main job population is that of animators and as it’s known throughout the world that Japans economy is dwindling big time. This can only lead us to wonder, how long will our era of great enjoyment we receive from Japan last?

Anime Lineup – Summer 2010

Click to Enlarge for a Better View

I haven’t really even looked into any anime other than Shiki that will be airing this summer. Shiki of course being something I’m impatiently waiting for. Anyway just from the view of the chart I can already see that ecchi will once again be dominating the line up. Go figure, the anime industry has hit the dirt (Article) and they clearly will just make what sells. Poor companies.

Well there it is, what will be airing for us. If something catches your eye simply do a little search on it at this lovely place here:

Chishiki – Unlimited Graphics – Project Cancelled (?)

To start off, the site was originally started a few years back but slacking got the better of me and the others that have been working on it. As it stands now I’m pretty sick of the slacking and the others have planned to pull out as they don’t feel a need to do it. Whether this puts an end to the project itself altogether is unknown. I will try my hand again at gathering individuals who are interested in getting the site up and willing to work on it. As such our planned release for the end of 2010 will not happen if at all.

GameCampus – Soul Master

A real time strategy role playing game. Soul master is set for it’s closed beta testing within the month of July under the publisher Game Campus.

The game features both PvE missions in which you can fight against CPUs in mission based battles or PvP against others to get the true feel of the game. You will be able to fight alongside with others as well if a party is formed. Alongside the player are monsters known as souls, which are produced in the players home base on the maps.

There will be 6 classes which are gender locked. For the warrior base there is the Knight [Male] and Slayer[Female] (Very little information is released on the slayer class). The beast class consists of Bearcat [Male] and Maharite [Female]. Finally the mage class, which consists of Priest [Female] and Chirsnian [Male] (Very little is known on the Chirsnian class as well)

As of right now information on the game is rather scarce and once the game is in closed beta and I’ve been given the chance to test it, I will give a very thorough review.

The Soul master team has plans to put up game information as well as a GM blog to keep us informed of how the game is going.

You may also check out their youtube channel which consists of a good amount of their testing and gameplay videos.

Anime Spring Lineup – My Personal Opinion

Alright well this season only a few animes have caught my attention are well of course, posses the generic feel. The main one to stand out for me is of course Angel Beats!

Angel Beats!

Well to start, the anime is about a group of people who have went through horrible lives, ended up dieing young, and wish to fight against god for allowing such a horrible fate. The storyline is rather confusing at first and even now (Episode 6) the story is still rather unclear. It is said that by blending in with the NPCs* that exist within the world and going to classes, you will disappear from the world and pass on. As to avoid this, the group causes as much disturbance as they possibly can. Tachibana, Kanade (Tenshi) is believed to be the enemy of the world, even though the characters don’t know whether she actually is or not.

*NPCs are the beings that coincide within the world. They aren’t like normal humans and can only see what is in front of them. As to say if someone causes a disturbance in the class the teachers and students will see it as “Normal” and as such go along with it.

B Gata H Kei

The backing to this anime is the the main female Yamada, wishes to get 100 buddies to screw. Ordinarily it’s just portraying her as some kind of slut. However the truth is Yamada gets embarrassed at the slightest thing, whether it’s kissing, giving a gift or w/e the case.

The main point of the story is that she finds someone who she will “use” to have sex with and then toss him aside and begin her quest to get 100 men in bed. She however starts to like Kosuda and ends up getting no where with him due to her complete shyness.

The story is rather comedic but quite honestly it’s rather boring to watch. I mean I can’t even think of anything legitimate to review for this. =\

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mao

Wishing for his future to be that of a high priest. Sai, Akuto enters the magic academy. Upon going through the examinations for new students it’s found out that his future job will be that of a demon load. Far the opposite of what he had wished to become. Due to this misconception he is seen as the enemy of the school and is pretty much rejected by everyone. He tried to avoid his destiny but time and time again he is drawn into things which belonged to the previous demon lord, bringing his fate even closer.

The anime is pretty good aside from the censors that happen on the episode that airs on MX which is the one to usually be subbed. (AT-X airs it uncensored a few days later) It’s your typical harem with a bunch of girls hanging all over the main character. With the spunk studen council president Lily Shiraishi being my favorite.

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

An orphan named Takumi was picked up by his adoptive sister Otome when he was a child. The story is a comedic romance harem. So of course there is the typical tsundere, Fumino. She grew up telling nothing but lies. This of course is not meant to be bad lies, just everything she says is actually meant as the opposite. The current point of the story is how Chise tries to fill the void her parents leave by making a club and recruiting Takumi and his friends.

Personally this is my comedy anime of the season and it quite satisfies that aspect.

Angel Beats & Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

A comparison made by blind fools

Alright to start off before angel beats even aired, Angel beats heroine Yuri was stated to be a replica in appearance to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu main star Suzumiya, Haruhi. Admittedly they do appear similar but exactly why is it that people label her as another Haruhi? As Angel beats progresses the difference between the two are so incredible yet still, idiots continue to label her the same.

Yuri is a leader of a group the same as Haruhi, but that alone is a mere position within the anime. Yuri is strong, wanting to lead those around her into happiness, to find out the truth of why the world is so cruel. Caring about the members of her team even knowing that they will be revived if dead, even cursing herself for poor leadership (Episode 2). Not only that but even willing to put herself right in the midst of battle to fight instead of sitting back. (Episode 6)

To wrap this up, simply put, the appearance is the only similar thing between the two girls. The actual characters are completely different. So the fact for those that say “I’m not gonna bother with angel beats, I’ve already seen Haruhi” are missing out on a very excellent anime.

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I have been a tad busy lately with work, gaming, pure laziness, the likes and haven’t gotten around to updates on this. Hopefully I’ll make some time to waste putting up these posts.

Starting with some stuff which I’ll add in the coming hours.