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Weiß Survive – Weiß Survive R

Too strange to even be under the term of funny.

Alright well for basics, this anime originally started back in June of 2009 ending Semptember 2009 (16 episodes in total, 2 and a half minutes in length per episode), followed by the second season “Weiß Survive R” which started in December 2009 and is still currently airing.

[Season 1]

At first I came across the anime while looking for something to watch, browsing It was under the terms of comedy so I though with it being two and a half minutes per episode, I thought it would be a good small time waster. I was sadly mistaken when I actually started watching it.

It starts off with both main characters sneaking into a library, followed by them being dragged into a strange world. There the main character must beat the opponents to leave and return to his world. Ok so it started off a bit odd but that was alright. Now once he enters the door he is greeted by an old man. After the super quick skipped explanation , he fight’s his friend, michi,  that was also pulled in with him, where she teaches him how to play. The rest of the series is just the same thing repeated till he escapes.

The first season also has cameos from Da Capo as well as Persona

Key Characters:

Takeshi – A typical male char often found in the genre for comedy/ecchi, basically a loud outspoken perv.

Michi – The female lead and quite a tsundere. She seems to be fond of takeshi but doesn’t like to show it, hence the tsundere. She is also seen kicking the main character quite often. A thing that got old and began getting annoying seeing as it happened 4+ times in every episode and seeing as they are 2 minutes each, that was a majority of the episode with just her doing that…

The old man – No idea what this characters name is. But I will say this, This character is beyond annoying, I wanted to punch my screen every time he appears, which was almost the whole period of each episode. He plays the role of basically, the overseer for the shows battles. However he’s quite perverted and some of the jokes played by him made me sick to my stomach.


[Season 2]

Well this one is a bit less on the annoying side but still overuses the same thing again and again. Well anyway this one starts out with takeshi and michi dueling one another, however there’s a small twist, they have lost their memories of the events that happened in the first season. The three sisters from the first season that takeshi fought are also now in his world, with the annoying old man returning in some kind of..bug form. The season is still ongoing but from how it is now, the series is still lacking in actually being funny, but it’s not as bad as the first season.

The second season also has cameos from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS and Fate/Stay Night.

Once the second season is finished I’ll re-edit this with my complete summary of how I saw it.