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Tales of Xillia – Shaping up nicely – Updated with new trailer (07/08/11)

Tales of Xillia was announced as the PS3 exclusive tales back in December of 2010. Of course the word exclusive being used by namco isn’t very reassuring that it will be an exclusive at all. Currently there is NO NEWS of an English release for the game, just thought I’d get that out of the way first.

Xillia will be using a double sided view to it’s storyline. You will be able to choose to either view the story from Jude’s  point of view, or Mila’s point of view. Meaning it will take two play throughs to truly understand the story. That not only adds more depth to the story but extends the game play of our loveable tales.


There has been quite the upgrades to Xillia as opposed to it’s older tales counterparts. The game is artistically beautiful and much more graphically above any tales released to date. The game adds more mechanics, such as climbing, crawling, movement during sketches, and much more. The battles have also had some slight changes to them and is derived as a variation to the system used in Destiny/Graces. The Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System.

The game will be coming to the PS3 on September 08, 2011, along with 2 different “packages”. The Kyun Character Pack Bundle, or the Famitsu DX Bundle. There will also be a Xillia 15th anniversary PS3 Bundle that comes with a copy of the game, but also a 160 GIG PS3 Slim. The game is up for pre-order now but it will be awhile until the 3 bundles are avalible for pre-order so keep your eyes out.

The pre-order gift is rather crappy. The only worthwhile things are the costumes and even those are not befitting of the characters style at all(Maybe it’s my dislike of capes.). DLC costumes do not get any better either. The first released costumes will be derived from star driver and once again look absolutely shitty and do not go along with the initial character style.

Little author side note: Elise is just so god damn adorable. Also I left out anything story related because as with all tales games it will simply go down the road of soul crushingly saving the world. So it would be best to save the flavor of the story before that as a nice surprise, aside from what was seen in the trailers of course.