Soul Master – Dropped

To start off, I was planning on writing a review for this game as it had peaked my interest and was looking to turn out nicely. I could not have been more wrong.

Soul master is not a game worth spending more than a few days on. The PvP gets very stale after awhile, not to mention hackers, which I will get into later when I start talking about the company. The PvE becomes very repetitive and after a certain part, becomes the same for every level. Now you think this is usual but comparing this to grind is more agonizing because exp to level and how much you get from the missions will cause the player to do the same missions 10 – 20+ times. This is a major flaw with the game, because levels cause quite a large imbalance in PvP, in a PvP specific game.

Now the company running the game is just murdering the game further. To start off the game was released as a complete bug fest. It is standard for a game in closed beta to have bugs, but the game was released as if it was not even tested for outside use. The game was simply horrible to try and play with these bugs. Now when a game is messed up like this, OB is usually set for a bit away. However this company set it to be released one week after the closed beta, in which they should have had a second CB with how bad it was. Of course however the open beta comes and a majority of the bugs are still present. (No one saw that coming did they.) It seems they wanted to release it to start raking in money as soon as possible or whatever the case is.

The second issue will be what kills most games and that would be the lovely cash shop. The GMs gave users the privilege to use the cash shop during CBT. The game kill alerts went off right there. Items in the cash shop included scrolls that could reduce the level needed for armor and the thing here is, it reduces said armor by 5 levels. Armor in this game alone is an imbalance due to it giving a pretty noticable boost per level. IE the level 5 armor is notably better to the level 1 armor. So of course an item released that could give a level 1 a (as to say) end game armor because he used scrolls to reduce it’s level, is simply absurd.

The third and final issue, is the lack of any defense on the game against hackers. I’m sure everyone knows the issues of rampant hackers, so I don’t really need to get into that failure.

There are many items that will cause unbalance and I’m willing to bet there will even be scrolls that may decrease construction time or even increase seed speed output. That’s if they aren’t already there. This game WILL become cash shop or gtfo. Those who will not use the cash shop will get royally fucked by those who do.

All in all, in my opinion. Avoid this game like the plague unless you enjoy these type of unbalances and an incompetent GM team that will screw it further.

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