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New Super Marisa Land

Tasogare Frontier

I’m about a year late here with this game but I generally don’t play these mini spin off touhou fan games. Surprisingly this one was well worth the measly download even though truthfully, I have barely even really experienced the game as of yet. In this mario like game, you take the role of marisa kirisame. Going through stages very much similar to mario, although in difficulty comparison, much easier stages.

So after selecting start, you begin at the stage select. As you can see I have only completed 2 stages. Anyway all you really have here are the stages, the shop which opens after completing stage 1 and the “Castle” houses.

Here at the shop you can buy items such as power-ups, saves, which save your game, and 1UPs. Stars you obtain in stages are your currency for the shop. I’m sure as the game goes on there will be more added to the shops, such as different power-ups. Anyway, now onto the stages!

Stages are similar to that of mario. You go through, hitting boxes, collecting stars, finding hidden areas and finally getting through to the end of the stage. As you go through you come across mushrooms that turn you from a small marisa, to a full sized marisa.

Her transformation goes even further with special power-ups. The only one I have so far is tea. Grabbing this tea turns marisa into a hybrid reimu.

There are also a wide variety of cute enemies, as usually seen in the mainstream games. Upon death these cute enemies give you a blue square, once again, similar to what is gotten upon them dying in the mainstream game, which gives you additional points.

All in all, a pretty addicting game if you’re a touhou fan. If not or if you’re a hardcore mario weirdo, you’ll probably just find it as a shitty mario rip off.