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Anime’s Ban & it’s Downslide

Awhile back there was news of a ban on anime, manga, and games, that possesed sexual content. The first attempt to get this bill to pass, was rejected. Anime fans breathed a sigh of relief. However a few months back, the bill was once again brought back up by the snake Ishihara, Tokyos current govenor. A man who hates anime and foreigners as much as he hates his own fellow Japanese men.

The second time it was brought up it garnered support of the people who previously dismissed it. This problem caused the bill to sucessfully pass and to be established of april this year.

While the bill is still currently inactive until said time, anime, manga, and games have already been shifted to the adult section of stores in droves. Now, the problem here is, what anime nowadays doesn’t have some form of sexual context or even refrence in it? This will leave the adult section growing in waves, with the standard area for anime shrinking and growing cobwebs. Lets face it, most anime considered “normal” is that crap like Maho shojou girl, no offense to it’s creepy fans/little girls. All of that excluding season 3 of nonoha, that season was good.

Now to further this craze, tokyo MX, that aired quite a good amount of the seasonal anime is now deciding to become an anime free channel, while at the same time opting to not hire anyone who is a fan of anime. (They aired the sausy anime but it’s censored so it’s not really a big blow as anoher channel will simply pick it up. So shove it to yourself MX.

Let’s face it, the anime industry has already been in critical condition. Ishiharas hopes is to obliterate it completely. Lets see how this game of ban progresses.

Tales of Graces F – Localization – Confirmed by Namco

Update: Tales of Graces confirmed. Please visit the site linked below.

Recently today, while browsing for some information on a certain part for graces. I came across awhole crap ton of topics that were about a localization of the game coming to the states.

Of course with this news I raged a bit. (Mainly over the fact that I spent $118 fucking bucks to import the damn game. Not to mention the $80+ I spent on the DLC costumes. Yes 90% of the games costumes are DLC and can not be obtained normally ingame. Each being $5. EACH, meaning you have to buy them seperate. IE All 4 geass costumes cost about $20.) After my rage moment I went on to looking into this news.

First off, fans have been raging on namcos facebook about the lack of an import. With this, today namco has put up a post on thier facebook with this. Which is the assumption of an import.

Now, they put up a website, with a blurred out image located here.

The assumptions that this is a lead to a localization of the game is that “Tales of” and richard, who is a character in the game. The two also has a meaning to do with richard but that would be a major spoiler so that much I will have to leave out. People may take it as it is, since this isn’t a true confirmtaion, but one hell of a hint towards it being so.

If your interested in keeping up till the true unveiling, stay tuned with namcos facebook page located here:!/NamcoBandai

OneManga – Target of Anti Piracy

It seems the manga publishers mean business. OneManga seems to be the first to be shut down by the anti piracy formation.

It pains me to announce that this is the last week of manga reading on One Manga (!!). Manga publishers have recently changed their stance on manga scanlations and made it clear that they no longer approve of it. We have decided to abide by their wishes, and remove all manga content (regardless of licensing status) from the site. The removal of content will happen gradually (so you can at least finish some of the outstanding reading you have), but we expect all content to be gone by early next week (RIP OM July 2010).

So what next? We’re not really sure at this point, but we have some ideas we would like to try out. Until then, the One Manga forums will remain active and we encourage all of you to continue using them. OMF has developed into a great community and it would be a shame to see that disappear.

You can also show us some love in this moment of sadness by ‘liking’ our brand new Facebook page. It would be nice to see just how many of you came to enjoy our ‘better than peanut butter and jelly’ invention.

It seems OneManga will only be the first and many more will probably follow. For those who aren’t bothered to search for the main scanslators may very well go to buying or just plain stop reading manga. As I myself only read a couple manga, I don’t find this to be to big of an issue. Though for those who live for manga may have a little more of a harder time trying to find series.

Namco Bandai: The End of the Tales Series? [Article Outdated]

This article is outdated. Take the information presented at your own risk. I thought I’d make this clear as the article has been getting quite the amount of views. [October 2011]

Tales Studio, the Namco Bandai subsidiary responsible for the long running Tales series of RPGs, has been revealed to be in dire financial straits.

The company is 100% privately held by Namco Bandai, so its public reporting of accounts is limited, but what it has published recently is none too promising:

These figures essentially show an annual loss of 1 million dollars and an accumulated debt of 21 million dollars, exceeding their total assets – the company will either go bankrupt, “restructure,” or go cap in hand to Bandai bosses begging for more cash based on promises of future success – which may be problematic considering the size of the loss they are dealing with themselves.

An alternative might be a re-absorption into Namco Bandai, although this would notBankruptcy guarantee any success in actually tackling the decline of the franchise.

Even amongst Japanese RPGs the Tales series stands out as being devoid of innovation and consisting of little more than an interminable series of rehashes, remakes and spin-offs. Whether the company’s decline can be arrested before bankruptcy or dissolution seems doubtful considering its parent company is hardly managed any better.

Source:  SankakuComplex

To start off the Tales series is my favorite series in the RPG genre. I fell in love with the series with my first game of it being Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube. So of course seeing news like this makes me rather nervous. Jrpgs have been in decline in Japan and with that said, way more in america obviously.

While the game series follows the same route with every game. IE the storyline follows the characters finding some source of evil, pursing it and at the end brining peace back to the world. While it may be the same to a point, each game has it’s own unique characters, development, and even how it leads up to the points followed in each game.

This is something I will indeed be keeping an eye on. If the series really ends up in a position where no more tales series will be created, it will really be a day of despair for people who love the RPG series.

Multi-National Manga Anti-Piracy Coalition Formed

San Francisco, CA, June 8, 2010 – Today a coalition of Japanese and U.S. publishers announced a coordinated effort to combat a rampant and growing problem of internet piracy plaguing the manga industry. “Scanlation,” as this form of piracy has come to be known, refers to the unauthorized digital scanning and translation of manga material that is subsequently posted to the internet without the consent of copyright holders or their licensees. According to the coalition, the problem has reached a point where “scanlation aggregator” sites now host thousands of pirated titles, earning ad revenue and/or membership dues at creators’ expense while simultaneously undermining foreign licensing opportunities and unlawfully cannibalizing legitimate sales. Worse still, this pirated material is already making its way to smartphones and other wireless devices, like the iPhone and iPad, through apps that exist solely to link to and republish the content of scanlation sites.

Participants in the coalition include the 36 members of Japan’s Digital Comic Association, Square Enix, Viz Media, TOKYOPOP, Vertical, Inc., the Tuttle-Mori Agency and Yen Press. Working together, the membership of the coalition will actively seek legal remedies to this intellectual property theft against those sites that fail to voluntarily cease their illegal appropriation of this material.

“It is unfortunate that this action has become necessary,” said a spokesperson for the group. “However, to protect the intellectual property rights of our creators and the overall health of our industry, we are left with no other alternative but to take aggressive action. It is our sincere hope that offending sites will take it upon themselves to immediately cease their activities. Where this is not the case, however, we will seek injunctive relief and statutory damages. We will also report offending sites to federal authorities, including the anti-piracy units of the Justice Department, local law enforcement agencies and FBI.”

The coalition stated that it has currently identified thirty sites targeted for action.

Participant members of the Digital Comic Association include: Akane Shinsha, Akita Shoten, ASCII Media Works, East Press, Ichijinsha, Enterbrain, Okura Shuppan, Ohzora Shuppan, Gakken, Kadokawa Shoten, Gentosha Comics, Kodansha, Jitsugyo No Nihonsha, Shueisha, Junet, Shogakukan, Shogakukan Shueisha Production, Shodensha, Shonen Gahosha, Shinshokan, Shinchosa, Take Shobo, Tatsumi Shuppan, Tokuma Shoten, Nihon Bungeisha, Hakusensha, Fujimi Shobo, Fusosha, Futabasha, France Shoin, Bunkasha, Houbunsha, Magazine House, Media Factory, Leed sha, Libre Shuppan

Source: Anime News Network

It seems they finally snapped, so what exactly does this spell out for those of us that like to read over the internet rather than going out and spending the money on it. (Yes we’re cheap bastards) Whether this truly starts affecting us is rather unknown but it is doubtful that it will. After all they do the same with anime yet look it’s still all over the place, of course not including the shit company known as funimation who enjoy lawsuites everyday. So for those who read manga everyday, keep a close eye on your sites as they may be soon terminated.

Anime Lineup – Summer 2010

Click to Enlarge for a Better View

I haven’t really even looked into any anime other than Shiki that will be airing this summer. Shiki of course being something I’m impatiently waiting for. Anyway just from the view of the chart I can already see that ecchi will once again be dominating the line up. Go figure, the anime industry has hit the dirt (Article) and they clearly will just make what sells. Poor companies.

Well there it is, what will be airing for us. If something catches your eye simply do a little search on it at this lovely place here:

Chishiki – Unlimited Graphics – Project Cancelled (?)

To start off, the site was originally started a few years back but slacking got the better of me and the others that have been working on it. As it stands now I’m pretty sick of the slacking and the others have planned to pull out as they don’t feel a need to do it. Whether this puts an end to the project itself altogether is unknown. I will try my hand again at gathering individuals who are interested in getting the site up and willing to work on it. As such our planned release for the end of 2010 will not happen if at all.