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Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave – PSP

I am such a tales junkie. Anyway, the PSVita will be getting Tales of innocence R, but as to not leave out the owners of the original PSP, they shall be recieving a spinoff tales game. The game is a hack and slash free roam style game. Something very similar to Dynasty Warriors, where you fight large waves of incoming enemies.

The game features 2 characters from across 15 different tales games. Each having their scenario to playthrough accompanied by a partner character. Characters and titles that have been released thus far are: Tales of Xillias Mila and Jude, Tales of Symphonia Lloyd and Zelos, and finally Tales of Vesperia Yuri and Flynn.

[Personal Author note: Really? Zelos instead of Kratos? WTF Namco!]

Two character videos have been released thus far. One featuring Mila and the other featuring Jude. It’s looking good although I have to say the quality is absolutely terrible. So horribly pixilated.



Once again as I always state for unreleased tales games in japan, there has been no news of an english localization.

Osu! Skin – Dizzy Gears V1.0

Update: This skin will not be seeing a V2 for I don’t know how long. A recent computer crash wiped out a majority of my files, including my entire PS folder. So until I find the will to manually remake everything and replace, it won’t be out.

This is my first skin for osu! and it is, well, ¬†slightly unsatisfying. So I’ll be making quite a few changes to better suit it and release it in a week or so.

Here is the current finished product anyway.

This end screen is probably the thing I’m most unsatisfied with:

So with the results. Expect the V2 in a week or so.

Current skin can be found here:

OSU! can be found here:

Fall Anime 2011 and some updates

Chart courtesy of Nelson, pulled from chartfags.

I haven’t posted up one of these in quite awhile. Quite a decent amount of anime this season. I’ve only brought myself to dislike maken-ki that has aired thus far. Yaoi isn’t my thing either so I won’t be watching sekai-ichi hatsukoi, and finally I may love gundam but AGE looks and probably will be absolute shit. Filled along with SD gundamucrap. I will once again be starting up my crappy reviews at the end of this season and am currently working on last seasons.

Also welcome to that asshole zevilrius as a new author for some reason or another. So expect to see trash posted by him alongside my trash.