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Guild Wars 2 – RageQuit INC. to join the fray

RageQuit’s here, as promised, and coming to Guild Wars 2. We’ve been laying low for a bit, hard at work on our new site and other developments, but we’re here now, and we’re ready to open recruitment.

If you don’t know who we are, that’s fine – what you should know is that we’ve been together over 10 years, under the same leadership, and we have an extremely strong track record. If you DO know just how brutal that track record is, don’t ruin the surprise.

Classically, RQ has been a full-PVP focused guild. A lot has changed throughout our GW2 preparations. PVE-based players are welcomed and encouraged to apply, Guild Wars 2 is a cooperative setting in which both PVP and PVE can help a guild to grow and flourish and become leaders of their server both at home and in The Mists – which is exactly our plan. For now, references in the guild are NOT required, everyone has an equal chance at acceptance based on your application and any other information you provide on it.

RageQuit’s been around for a long time, but even new members have the opportunity to climb the rank ladder quickly. We’ll need skilled generals for the Mist who are able to lead our clan and the rest of the server, we’ll need raid leaders to keep things scheduled and organized for the bosses back home, and dungeon experts to perfect the new 5-man dungeons.

If you’re interested, check us out. Application link is on the new site at – Any questions can be directed to our forums, I’ll be happy to answer them. We are already a member of an extremely powerful alliance, but I’ll be happy to hear from any other guilds.

Namco Bandai Games – Tokitowa

Tales of studio at its end

Namco Bandai has announced on their official corporate website that they will be dissolving its Namco Tales Studio subsidiary in the upcoming months following a transaction which will take effect on January 1 following a board approval on November 29.

As many already know, Namco Tales Studio is a wholly owned subsidiary of Namco Bandai that’s responsible for the Tales of series of games and was founded on March 20, 2003. As of this April the company has 109 employees.

Namco Bandai didn’t state any reasons for the move, but with Tales of Xillia’s recent success and the prospect of a possible Tales of Xillia animation this move is likely aimed at bringing the subsidiary under the full wing of Namco Bandai and the company will still develop Tales games and will simply cease to exist as a public company.

Source:  Tales Union

Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave – PSP

I am such a tales junkie. Anyway, the PSVita will be getting Tales of innocence R, but as to not leave out the owners of the original PSP, they shall be recieving a spinoff tales game. The game is a hack and slash free roam style game. Something very similar to Dynasty Warriors, where you fight large waves of incoming enemies.

The game features 2 characters from across 15 different tales games. Each having their scenario to playthrough accompanied by a partner character. Characters and titles that have been released thus far are: Tales of Xillias Mila and Jude, Tales of Symphonia Lloyd and Zelos, and finally Tales of Vesperia Yuri and Flynn.

[Personal Author note: Really? Zelos instead of Kratos? WTF Namco!]

Two character videos have been released thus far. One featuring Mila and the other featuring Jude. It’s looking good although I have to say the quality is absolutely terrible. So horribly pixilated.



Once again as I always state for unreleased tales games in japan, there has been no news of an english localization.

Tales of Innocence R – PSVita – Updated

Tales of Innocence was originally a game on the DS. But of course, with namcos current trend for tales being a remake or adding more content to a game, then porting it to another system, it’s less than surprising. The game will be featured as a title on the soon to be released vita with much improved graphics compared to the original DS counterpart. With the games estimated window of 2012.

There has been quite a few changes to the game. The game will be fully voiced now, and will have a new opening theme by KOKIA titled New Day, New Life and will also posses a new opening animation.

The story has also supposedly been completely rewritten from start to finish. Giving more information on pats of the story as well as extending it. There will also be the addition of a new character.

Changes have also been made to the battle system. Now labeled as [DI-LMBS] “Direct Interaction Linear Motion Battle System”.  Players are able to control the character with the use of the VITAs touchpad system. Players may now also use up to 4 characters in battle as opposed to before.

Any form of localization is unknown and with the DS version never seeing localization, chances may or may not be, very slim.

Update Video:

Xillia shipped and sony borked me – Personal Update

I finally got my preorder for Tales of  Xillia today along with a lovely Jude charm with him in his cless armor. It says china on the back of the head, kinda bummed about that. Was pretty excited that I’d be able to pop it in. However it seems in order to play xillia I was required to update my PS3. So I go about grabbing the firmware from sonys site to upgrade my PS3. What do you know, the update ends up with an error causing my PS3 to go into an infinite update and fail loop. My PS3, now with no firmware on it due to the safe mode boot up formatting it then following by an error still ended up bricking my poor PS3.

So today has been filled with greatness followed by epic failure. Thanks Namco and truly thank you sony. Guess I’ll be holding onto this beautiful game untouched until I gather the money for a new PS3.