Xillia shipped and sony borked me – Personal Update

I finally got my preorder for Tales of  Xillia today along with a lovely Jude charm with him in his cless armor. It says china on the back of the head, kinda bummed about that. Was pretty excited that I’d be able to pop it in. However it seems in order to play xillia I was required to update my PS3. So I go about grabbing the firmware from sonys site to upgrade my PS3. What do you know, the update ends up with an error causing my PS3 to go into an infinite update and fail loop. My PS3, now with no firmware on it due to the safe mode boot up formatting it then following by an error still ended up bricking my poor PS3.

So today has been filled with greatness followed by epic failure. Thanks Namco and truly thank you sony. Guess I’ll be holding onto this beautiful game untouched until I gather the money for a new PS3.

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