Identity theft – My, My, The stupidity of the world

Click to enlarge the stupidity of some humans.

Ordinarily identity theft is used for criminal purposes. However I found someone idiot enough to actually try an “be” me. (Quotation for the fact of it not being literal as it’s just a community face, probably done with no ill intentions but done, either way.) Stealing the name, avatars, and signature I worked my ass off to make, then passing it off as his own. I really wouldn’t give two shits if they used the name, but going as far as to become me is a story I will end.

Apparently some fuck from the gamecampus MMO community under the name of Wondergirls went so far as to pass himself off as me within a S4 leauge community. I must be one hell of an amazing person, YEA! But I will still not stand for that shit. Really though how did this person not expect to be caught. My name is carved in the google search engine for crying out loud.

This rant was brought to you by my anger. Have a fantastically shitty day.

My original art theft rant:

    • FreezingCicada
    • November 30th, 2010

    Kinda old but I would like to say my point of view on the matter.
    Although I share your thoughts onto not allowing theft but I will not allow going so far as to putting them down.

    Sure they did wrong. But did they cause that much damage?
    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    And of course I also do not agree with saying that they are awful and will never accomplish anything in art.
    Cause once again I see it as this.
    They have an interest in the subject; just went about it the wrong way. By showing them the ropes they will be able to create something that is their art.

    Oh…And sorry for the long post/rambling and post in an old topic. >.<

    • Things tend to slip out of hand when one gets as pissed as I was. Having a bad day tends to make it worse.

      Most people won’t even know who it is as I tend to keep things vague about people when I rant on something.. The only people who would know the person are those that belong to the site it happened on.

      I wrote this up to get it off my chest anyway. 99% of the people who visit this blog probably skip over it.

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