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Disorganization Meet Organization

Since I’ve made this blog it’s been a miss mosh of different topics. Ranging from short anime/animated movie¬†reviews to MMO game hype. This will now change, somewhat anyway.

When I’m able to start watching anime again, god that day will come soon. Fucking studying. I will be writing a review of each and every anime I watch that season. Rather than taking my top four and writing a small crappy review on it mid season. Which is another point. The reviews will not be written until the season has concluded.

Added to that, due to my recent manga rush, I will also be writing reviews on that, although since manga takes ages to”end” it will most likely be writen mid series or whatever.

MMO Game hype, well fuck that. That’s dropping period. Guild Wars 2 will be my next MMO and that will last for years so, there won’t be anything to hype anyway. Not to mention all the free to play shit I hype is utter fail garbage upon release anyway. I will certaintly be writing stuff on GW2 upon release, but that’s about it for the MMO side of things.

I will still be putting up random news that catches my attention though. Just because, it’s better to know the world *cough* I write on Japan*cough* than be ignorant. Am I right?

Anime to Manga – Damn

Well I haven’t been able to see any anime since december of last year. Those who check the blog for my small anime mid season reviews will notice there hasn’t been one nor has there been a winter anime chart (Something I will start making my self due to chartfags going down. At some point in the future that is, not any time soon.). This is to keep me outside of the loop because it rather makes me despair a bit that I haven’t been able to watch anything.

So my addiction for the time being has shifted to manga. I’ve only read like 20 manga in my life so it will be an interesting shift I guess. So there may be some small manga reviews from now on as well. Also since I haven’t delved much into manga,it would be nice to recieve some recommendations on manga to read. Leave a comment here or PM me with a suggestions. DONOT hand me that One piece, naruto or bleach bullshit cause I have no intention of reading it as much as I had the intention to watch it. Which is 0%.

The last hope of the NA Tales – Graces

As stated in many of the past topics I write on tales. The series is in poor condition. Selling pathetically even in Japan, and just as bad if not worse for some titles here in NA. I think namco was a little sceptical as to whether they wanted to bring graces to NA. Even the Executive producer of the Japanese tales studio, Yoshidumi, has taken a trip to the NA studio to see how the game was coming along.

Namco has stated that if we want to see any more of the¬†Tales series here in NA, then Graces F had better sell well. Honestly though, I don’t believe it will meet their expectation. NA is home to citizens that value fantastic 3D graphics, not some cute anime style game. Even more critical is the fact that NA is home to well, a sea of pirates that don’t want to waste their money.

Here is to the hope that NA namco’s expected sales is less that 200,000/150,000. Importers may rejoice as well, it won’t affect them in the end. Those that wait for a localization, well cross your fingers on this. Also that they lower the price of the DLC Costumes. Not many people have $5 to squander for a single costume for a single character.

I seem to have been doing a lot of tales related topics lately. Guess the hype from xillia is still on me. I’ll also be putting up a review of Graces F in the coming days. (When I get the time to sit down and actually write out the brick.)