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Anime’s Ban & it’s Downslide

Awhile back there was news of a ban on anime, manga, and games, that possesed sexual content. The first attempt to get this bill to pass, was rejected. Anime fans breathed a sigh of relief. However a few months back, the bill was once again brought back up by the snake Ishihara, Tokyos current govenor. A man who hates anime and foreigners as much as he hates his own fellow Japanese men.

The second time it was brought up it garnered support of the people who previously dismissed it. This problem caused the bill to sucessfully pass and to be established of april this year.

While the bill is still currently inactive until said time, anime, manga, and games have already been shifted to the adult section of stores in droves. Now, the problem here is, what anime nowadays doesn’t have some form of sexual context or even refrence in it? This will leave the adult section growing in waves, with the standard area for anime shrinking and growing cobwebs. Lets face it, most anime considered “normal” is that crap like Maho shojou girl, no offense to it’s creepy fans/little girls. All of that excluding season 3 of nonoha, that season was good.

Now to further this craze, tokyo MX, that aired quite a good amount of the seasonal anime is now deciding to become an anime free channel, while at the same time opting to not hire anyone who is a fan of anime. (They aired the sausy anime but it’s censored so it’s not really a big blow as anoher channel will simply pick it up. So shove it to yourself MX.

Let’s face it, the anime industry has already been in critical condition. Ishiharas hopes is to obliterate it completely. Lets see how this game of ban progresses.

Tales of Graces F – Localization – Confirmed by Namco

Update: Tales of Graces confirmed. Please visit the site linked below.

Recently today, while browsing for some information on a certain part for graces. I came across awhole crap ton of topics that were about a localization of the game coming to the states.

Of course with this news I raged a bit. (Mainly over the fact that I spent $118 fucking bucks to import the damn game. Not to mention the $80+ I spent on the DLC costumes. Yes 90% of the games costumes are DLC and can not be obtained normally ingame. Each being $5. EACH, meaning you have to buy them seperate. IE All 4 geass costumes cost about $20.) After my rage moment I went on to looking into this news.

First off, fans have been raging on namcos facebook about the lack of an import. With this, today namco has put up a post on thier facebook with this. Which is the assumption of an import.

Now, they put up a website, with a blurred out image located here.

The assumptions that this is a lead to a localization of the game is that “Tales of” and richard, who is a character in the game. The two also has a meaning to do with richard but that would be a major spoiler so that much I will have to leave out. People may take it as it is, since this isn’t a true confirmtaion, but one hell of a hint towards it being so.

If your interested in keeping up till the true unveiling, stay tuned with namcos facebook page located here:!/NamcoBandai

Out of the Loop – On Hiatus

It’s been rather busy for me the last month and I’ve had hardly any time to do what it is I usually do. That is, I haven’t even had time to keep up with anime, games, or even my usual news either.

So to I’ll be gone on Hiatus for awhile. Come April Anyway. I’m off to serve my country for a few years in the airforce.

Until we meet again oh internet, erm I mean Tsyuku.

Pyro, Celestia, FreezingCicada, Cyprien and everyone else. Catch you later