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Half Year Hiatus – November 2012

Be back in the fall. Enjoy Mashiro in a swimsuit for now.

.Hack//The Movie & .Hack//Versus – CyberConnects 2

http://dothack.com/ | http://cyberconnect.jp/

Guild Wars 2 – RageQuit INC. to join the fray


RageQuit’s here, as promised, and coming to Guild Wars 2. We’ve been laying low for a bit, hard at work on our new site and other developments, but we’re here now, and we’re ready to open recruitment.

If you don’t know who we are, that’s fine – what you should know is that we’ve been together over 10 years, under the same leadership, and we have an extremely strong track record. If you DO know just how brutal that track record is, don’t ruin the surprise.

Classically, RQ has been a full-PVP focused guild. A lot has changed throughout our GW2 preparations. PVE-based players are welcomed and encouraged to apply, Guild Wars 2 is a cooperative setting in which both PVP and PVE can help a guild to grow and flourish and become leaders of their server both at home and in The Mists – which is exactly our plan. For now, references in the guild are NOT required, everyone has an equal chance at acceptance based on your application and any other information you provide on it.

RageQuit’s been around for a long time, but even new members have the opportunity to climb the rank ladder quickly. We’ll need skilled generals for the Mist who are able to lead our clan and the rest of the server, we’ll need raid leaders to keep things scheduled and organized for the bosses back home, and dungeon experts to perfect the new 5-man dungeons.

If you’re interested, check us out. Application link is on the new site at RQClan.com – Any questions can be directed to our forums, I’ll be happy to answer them. We are already a member of an extremely powerful alliance, but I’ll be happy to hear from any other guilds.

Namco Bandai Games – Tokitowa


SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online


So I only recently found out about this game. Surprisingly by those really annoying ass ads posted on different websites. So of course being the gundam fan I am, I had to check it out to see what’s up. SD Gundam Capsule Fighter is a third person shooter game developed by Softmax and published by OGPlanet.

PvE is done in the style of missions both co-op and single player available. Single player however is completely unrewarding offering very little on completion and only wasting your units energy. with outweighs the cost of what you win from the mission. The missions also may come with a bit of story, or even a fight against enemies with the pilots of the series.

The PvP is arena style, where you can fight it off in normal battles of up to 6vs6, Boss battles, and of course the death matches of up to 8 players.

PvP also serves a purpose to show off how good you have been doing, with emblems. Currently there are only emblems for PvP, however it seems there will be more added in the future possibly. You achieve emblems by meeting certain conditions, such as winning a certain number of matches along with a certain rank of completion.

Along with doing PvP and Missions, you can do quests that ask you to do something specific like playing a certain amount of PvP matches, or completing a certain mission, and even completing the crappy single player mode. Doing these quests can reward you with different things such as points, blueprints (which I will get into a bit later), mobile suits, stickers, and even exp modules.

Quests are sorted out by your rank. You gain rank by completing missions and participating in PvP matches. Gain a certain amount of exp and you will rank up. Enabling you to proceed with more advanced quests. You can check your rank in your info menu, along with your unit information.

The UI is done really well and easily navigable. My Room is a space used to store your units, items, battleships, operators, and other items such as exp modules. The shop is where you can rent units or buy C rank units, blue prints, battleships, skills, decorations such as paint and stickers.

You are able to store up to 24 initially, however with astros (Ingame cash you get for real money) will allow you to expand it with more pages to fit more units.Here you can also make use of the factory. With the factory you are able to view your units stats, grow the unit (meaning using exp modules to give the unit exp). Next would be overcustom, which is used to level up your unit after it has reached custom level 2. Overcustomizing comes at a risk of failure which will reduce all of your achieved overcustom levels, sending you back to overcustom level one. Items like level protect prevent the loss of levels upon failure. Next would be the skill tab, where you are able to put your own skills onto a unit. After each mission or PvP match, it will consume that skill and you will have to replace it. The last two tabs are for customizing your units appearance with different colors with paint, or by throwing a stick on the unit.

The next tab is operators, which are your guides during missions. Some operators have special effects, but there is only one operator you can buy with ingame points, the rest all cost astros. Of course the voice acting for the operators will make your ears bleed. There was a way to alter this but OGplanet is stingy unlike the other version and took measures to prevent it.

The third tab is filled with battle items. These items are obtained through missions and are used to give your opponents side effects or even effects for yourself. Items like booster down will completely deplete an enemies booster gauge. While an item like Hide will give you invisibility so long as your unit isn’t moving.

The final tab will be your items such as the exp modules. Exp modules are used to give your unit exp. Some do not come charged meaning you must but mastery exp into them in order to use them. Mastery exp is gained through missions and PvP and serves no other purpose other than to charge the exp modules.

Next up is the games lovely capsule machine. The capsule machine is used to get new units at the cost of points and of course luck. You pick a capsule machine that has a mech that is to your liking, pick it, and hope you get what your after. There are many capsule machines filled with a large variety of mechs.

Lastly I bring us to the shop. The shop is used to obviously, buy a variety of items. The first (second) tab in the shop is full of mobile suits and mobile suit blueprints. Any rank higher than C can not be permanently bought from the shop, they can only be rented. Blueprints are used to make certain mechs. Some mechs can not be gotten from the capsule machine and as such must be made via blueprints. These blueprints can either be bought or gotten from missions. To make a mech from a blueprint, you first need to meet the requirements needed to make it. This includes having the proper units needed to combine as well as having them at the proper level.

Next up are battleships. I currently have no idea what battleships are for and until I get first hand info on it, I can’t comment on this. As far as I know it is used in the expert server.

The next tab is AID. Within the aid tab you can buy operators, battle items, skill parts, and misc items. I have already went over the others but things are a bit different in the misc tab. Here you can buy items like level protector which is used for over customizing. Items like slot expansion to give you more mobile suit pages, exp modules, or even a CM coin used for the capsule machine.

The last tab is for buying decorations. Decorations inclue paints and stickers used to alter the appearance of your mobile suit.

Note of update: Once I figure out how to screenshot while actually ingame, I will add screenshots of PvP and missions. As of right now, print screen doesn’t work ingame. I will also add some info on clans whenever I find myself one. Not gonna join some random for the sake of this. I will also add info on battleships when I reach that stage of the game.

Winter Anime Season 2011

Winter chart brought to you by..someone.

Not much this season it seems. Gundam seed remastered will be a joy to rewatch. Not the best gundam but after this seasons gundam, I’ll need something old to cleanse my brain of that disasterpiece. Zero no Tsukaima will be getting it’s last season. It will probably bite like season 3 but it’s nice to see the animes closure finally. Lastly the black rock shooter anime. I have no idea how it will be so I’m avoiding any kind of fucktard hype on it so it doesn’t leave me disappointed. Everything else, well, unimportant.

As for movies, berserker, awe yea. Everything else is once again, unimportant. Also they need to go ahead and not release that Higurashi kira OVA. That shit really kills my liking for the excellent series that it originally was.