gPotato – Aika CB #1

My Statistics at the end of CB

Name: Remnant
Class: Rifleman
Level: 30
Guild: Empire
Nation: Alethius

Name: Miyako
Level: 15
Devotion: 100%

Gameplay: While other versions of aika have a higher exp rate, our has a much smaller one, however it’s not bad in any way at all. Aika is mostly a quest oriented game and even with the lower exp it still stayed that way through out my gameplay up till 30. While the game does house the things that most MMORPGs possess, Aika is mainly centered around the aspect of PvP, which I will get into detail later. Monsters in the game seem to be reused way to much in this game. They probably found it as a way to reduce lag by giving most monsters the same design with little to no change and slapping on a prefix to it’s name.


Graphics: The graphics in this game, to me, are very impressive. While a lot of people complain that they suck, I really can not gander on how. They are very detailed on a high setting and can even be ran on a low end computer in such a state as well. The maps are also very detailed and very beautiful. While some areas such as the Rhawn crossroads are vacant of much detail, I believe it is to reduce lag as that is the main point of attack from incoming nations.


Music/Sound: The music in this game is very good. It’s one of the few games that I actually leave the background music on instead of using my own music from my media player. The one flaw is the voiceovers that were done. As I have played the Taika version with Jaika VOs my opinion may be biased in this as I’m comparing it to something that is actually fitting. I personally dislike the VOs a lot and ended up replacing them myself with Jaikas sound files. However from the point of view of those unbiased the VOs are actually decent and bearable to listen to.


PvP/Nations: Aika sports a nation war system with 5 different nations. Alethius, Lenaria, Vanov, Ostyrion, Feonir. Each nation has alters within that can grant that nation different affects such as increasing experience points earned or even increasing the stat points of  the nation. Nations are able to gather a massive raid to raid another nation in attempt to steal the opposing nations relics for themselves. During the CB phase with gPot the nation had done many raids with one another in tied of an alliance. The main war points were the Vanov/Feonir alliance taking on the Alethius/Ostyrion alliance. Lenaria is known for being a peaceful nation and mostly does not participate in raids and in the process were raided and didn’t even put up a fight at all.


Dungeons: The dungeons are intances that you can enter into with up to one party, raid parties can not enter the dungeon. The dungeon system is separated into different difficulties. It also seems that you are able to acquire nation relics from dungeons as well. Now as for the interior of the dungeons, they are simply amazing. The field is rendered beautifully and the monsters inside look great as well and are not reused monsters you regularly see on the field. While finding a party for the dungeon can be tedious sometimes, it is definitely something worth doing.


Prans: Prans in this version are pretty much the same as the others. Gpot was also kind enough as to put up a bit more of the pran accessories in the shop and on that we thank them. The prans also have some very interesting questions to ask you!


Community: The community is great however most have no idea what is going on at all. When nations are under attack it very hard for a player to rally troops because most just won’t listen or are clueless as to what’s happening in the first place. Within the nations are a Marshal and a Judge. Both of these main point players are able to use red nation font, due to this players believe them to be GMs and that is the ONLY time they like to listen to anything said. Nations such as Ostyrion have players who would rather kill off their own nation members rather than protect their nation from incoming attacks. Overall the lack of a community effort and not listening will make the experience of Aika very hard for some.


    • Benteho
    • May 26th, 2010

    Hey i was wondering if you could post your RM build. i saw you commenting on Noc’s post and got curious as to what your build was.

    • Seeing as I quit aika ages ago, it wouldn’t be possible.

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