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SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

So I only recently found out about this game. Surprisingly by those really annoying ass ads posted on different websites. So of course being the gundam fan I am, I had to check it out to see what’s up. SD Gundam Capsule Fighter is a third person shooter game developed by Softmax and published by OGPlanet.

PvE is done in the style of missions both co-op and single player available. Single player however is completely unrewarding offering very little on completion and only wasting your units energy. with outweighs the cost of what you win from the mission. The missions also may come with a bit of story, or even a fight against enemies with the pilots of the series.

The PvP is arena style, where you can fight it off in normal battles of up to 6vs6, Boss battles, and of course the death matches of up to 8 players.

PvP also serves a purpose to show off how good you have been doing, with emblems. Currently there are only emblems for PvP, however it seems there will be more added in the future possibly. You achieve emblems by meeting certain conditions, such as winning a certain number of matches along with a certain rank of completion.

Along with doing PvP and Missions, you can do quests that ask you to do something specific like playing a certain amount of PvP matches, or completing a certain mission, and even completing the crappy single player mode. Doing these quests can reward you with different things such as points, blueprints (which I will get into a bit later), mobile suits, stickers, and even exp modules.

Quests are sorted out by your rank. You gain rank by completing missions and participating in PvP matches. Gain a certain amount of exp and you will rank up. Enabling you to proceed with more advanced quests. You can check your rank in your info menu, along with your unit information.

The UI is done really well and easily navigable. My Room is a space used to store your units, items, battleships, operators, and other items such as exp modules. The shop is where you can rent units or buy C rank units, blue prints, battleships, skills, decorations such as paint and stickers.

You are able to store up to 24 initially, however with astros (Ingame cash you get for real money) will allow you to expand it with more pages to fit more units.Here you can also make use of the factory. With the factory you are able to view your units stats, grow the unit (meaning using exp modules to give the unit exp). Next would be overcustom, which is used to level up your unit after it has reached custom level 2. Overcustomizing comes at a risk of failure which will reduce all of your achieved overcustom levels, sending you back to overcustom level one. Items like level protect prevent the loss of levels upon failure. Next would be the skill tab, where you are able to put your own skills onto a unit. After each mission or PvP match, it will consume that skill and you will have to replace it. The last two tabs are for customizing your units appearance with different colors with paint, or by throwing a stick on the unit.

The next tab is operators, which are your guides during missions. Some operators have special effects, but there is only one operator you can buy with ingame points, the rest all cost astros. Of course the voice acting for the operators will make your ears bleed. There was a way to alter this but OGplanet is stingy unlike the other version and took measures to prevent it.

The third tab is filled with battle items. These items are obtained through missions and are used to give your opponents side effects or even effects for yourself. Items like booster down will completely deplete an enemies booster gauge. While an item like Hide will give you invisibility so long as your unit isn’t moving.

The final tab will be your items such as the exp modules. Exp modules are used to give your unit exp. Some do not come charged meaning you must but mastery exp into them in order to use them. Mastery exp is gained through missions and PvP and serves no other purpose other than to charge the exp modules.

Next up is the games lovely capsule machine. The capsule machine is used to get new units at the cost of points and of course luck. You pick a capsule machine that has a mech that is to your liking, pick it, and hope you get what your after. There are many capsule machines filled with a large variety of mechs.

Lastly I bring us to the shop. The shop is used to obviously, buy a variety of items. The first (second) tab in the shop is full of mobile suits and mobile suit blueprints. Any rank higher than C can not be permanently bought from the shop, they can only be rented. Blueprints are used to make certain mechs. Some mechs can not be gotten from the capsule machine and as such must be made via blueprints. These blueprints can either be bought or gotten from missions. To make a mech from a blueprint, you first need to meet the requirements needed to make it. This includes having the proper units needed to combine as well as having them at the proper level.

Next up are battleships. I currently have no idea what battleships are for and until I get first hand info on it, I can’t comment on this. As far as I know it is used in the expert server.

The next tab is AID. Within the aid tab you can buy operators, battle items, skill parts, and misc items. I have already went over the others but things are a bit different in the misc tab. Here you can buy items like level protector which is used for over customizing. Items like slot expansion to give you more mobile suit pages, exp modules, or even a CM coin used for the capsule machine.

The last tab is for buying decorations. Decorations inclue paints and stickers used to alter the appearance of your mobile suit.

Note of update: Once I figure out how to screenshot while actually ingame, I will add screenshots of PvP and missions. As of right now, print screen doesn’t work ingame. I will also add some info on clans whenever I find myself one. Not gonna join some random for the sake of this. I will also add info on battleships when I reach that stage of the game.

To Aru Majutsu no Index S2 – Overview (So far)

To Aru Majutsu no Index II

The wonders of the great J.C. studios. I myself am an atheist, so isn’t it just a bit odd that I find myself enjoying an anime featuring churches, Catholics, and God? Yea it really is. Anyway onto the main point.

The Story now dives deeper into the church and magic. Most of the first season took place inside the academy city, with the enemies coming and targeting¬† Index and company. The second season started off with touma and Index getting chased around by a fast nutcase, Ouma Yamisaka. He apparently needs the volumes within Index to find a way to dispel a curse placed on someone important to him. The volumes end up causing massive pain to him, thus causing him to fail. Touma once again finds a way to convince him. Could this man end up as a future ally of toumas? Sadly this is the only episode in which misaka has been seen thus far. ūüė¶

Awe Misakas got a crush on Touma.

After the occurrence in the first episode, the story picks up on it’s tracks in the second episode with Touma getting sent on a wild goose chase to find Stiyl who “kidnapped” index. Thus leading him out of the academy city onto the outskirts. This is where we see our first roman catholic, Orsola Aquinas, who is trying to run from being captured. Touma ends up bringing Orsola to Stiyl, which was stiyl’s original objective in getting touma out of the academy city. That of course pisses him off.

Touma’s pissed and right after, the ground below Orsola is cut off causing her to fall. This is where we meet a large scale amount of roman catholics. The main one being Agnese Sanctis, a loli who wears these huge ass platforms. Since she’s a loli and this is made by J.C. Studios, she is obviously voiced by Rie, the tsundere queen. During their night there, there is a lot of mishaps resulting in toumas head being fanged by Index.

Ouch Seems a tad painful, yes?

In the end Touma and co. begin fighting the Amakusa. By coinsidence Orsola once again runs into Touma trying to escape. This is where they encounter the current sub lead of the Amakusa, Saiji Tatemiya. This guys outfit is strange to say the least. Main point is he moves quick…with untied shoes…

Anyway he ends up being captured by the Roman Catholics. This ends up leading to a horrible truth. The truth of the roman catholics ends up coming to light. Once again Touma heads off to save Orsola and that begins the battle of Touma, Index, Stiyl, and the Amakusa VS the endless amounts of roman catholics.

They end up getting cornered by the creepy ladies that stabbed their own ear drums. The scene cuts and shows touma entering the building that Agnese is in. This is where the climax of the fight with the catholics ensure.

Loli beating, really, touma you bastard!

In the end, touma ends up waking up in the hospital. God his hospital bill monthly must be freaking huge.

Also awe another crush on Touma it seems



The OP is once again sung by Kawada Mami, who sung the 2 OPs for the first season. TV size which can be viewed below:

Torrent for the full song can be found here. Credits to Nipponsei.

Subs by Ayako

Due to the length of this overview, I put it in it’s own post. The other 3 for this season will be all in one post

Unlimited Blade Works

Fate/Stay Night
Unlimited Blade Works

A movie even people who don’t watch anime, are willing to watch. Anyway before you even think of watching this, watch the original animation, Fate/Stay Night. Otherwise you will be left curious as to what the hell is going on in the first half.

The story follows the UBW path of the Visual Novel (Lovely game, I recommend playing it. It’s a VN but it’s more story focused rather than sex every scene.) Needless to say the very beginning followed the typical “Start” before a route is chosen. For a VN most fail terribly at putting the good story into a 12 episode anime. Yet this movie was able to do the story nicely within just 1:45.

The movie had gore at some parts, poor illya, she nuts but she’s still just a little “fake” girl. ūüė¶ Damn, gilgamesh. I have to admit however, the outfit he has in this route is 10 times better than his general cloths/Ugly ass golden armor.

The part in which the transfer of magic from rin to shirou changed in this. Funny thing is they made it “seem: as if it was going to happen, which gave me a little laugh. So no sex in the movie for all those that hoped for it.


The blueray quality was fucking amazing. There was always one part of the animation that was always fantasticly done. That is the depth of shirou’s eyes. They also added a light effect to the clashes of weapons, as well as when the servents moved at high speed.


Seen fate/stay night? Well then you should know the characters quite well. If you haven’t, then like I said, why the hell are reading this? Only real changes was that they showed a more helpless illya, more insane shinji, and a stronger shirou. Changes to personality along with the arc, but the basic “Who they are” is still the same.


The music could have used some work. Not to say it was bad in any way. Obviously the UBW music was played during the fight with archer and shirou. Though to be honest that is the only one that I even remember.



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-Newb review brought to you by Tsyuku (Needs more work on review writing but hey, w/e, to lazy to try and put effort into this stuff right now.)

Anime Summer Lineup – My Personal Opinion

Horror and Romance

The main genres for the summer lineup seems to be either romance or horror, with one being a mix of horror and ecchi. (what..?) I wasn’t really expecting myself to watch anything other than shiki because really none of these caught my eye¬†initially. Though I usually at least watch the first episode of most anime to determine if I would like it or not. Being four weeks into the line ups, I once again review the top 4 anime for me of the summer season, now that I’ve had a chance to somewhat enjoy them. I try to keep these short and simple so I don’t ruin anything but rather try and peak interest of it to others.


Shiki is the main anime I have been awaiting for the summer season. Sadly the anime has nothing but shit subbers, subbing it so I’ve had to suffer with the garbage subs of Horriblesubs. (Post a link to them? Fuck that!)

Shiki, as most horror anime starts off is rather slow and mysterious. Even though right off the bat people can tell somewhat, what is going on.  The story revolves around the village of Sotoba where a sickness has been going around resulting in the death of many of its inhabitants. The doctor of the village Ozaki, Toshio is shocked to find out the cause of death was nothing more than a variation of amnesia. They stated it to be a summer cold but of course he does not believe that and vows he will destroy what ever it is killing off the people of the village.


Some of the character design I have to say are done amazing. The eyes of the¬†characters¬†are¬†particularly¬†amazing, though other are just..what? (Refer¬†to the above image). So simply some character designs are amazing, then there are some characters that just leave me speechless as to what the artist was thinking. Aside from that the anime has kept me quite interested even though I would have liked it to be more mysterious rather than them showing people right away who the “source” is.

So far: 8.5/10

Amagami SS

This would be the first of the line up that I unexpectedly liked even though I thought I wouldn’t beforehand. However after watching the first episode I actually found it to be quite good, with some quality fansubs coming from Unlimited Translate Works [UTW].

Amagami has a rather strange setup for the series. It will feature the main male, Tachibana, Junichi, in different arcs scoring different girls.So it’s like the anime takes all paths of a visual novel, getting a different girl each time condensed into 4 or 5 episodes each I would assume.

The arc that was currently ongoing and recently finished last week was Morishima, Harukas arc. During the start Junichi took a liking to Haruka while a friend of his was talking about her on the way to school. They spent a little time with one another and Junichi confessed to her only for her to turn him down saying she would like an older guy. Junichi then went into despair after getting shot down until he talked with Haruka once again where she said she’d like them to go on as they usually are.

Time goes on lalalalala and they start having some kind of strange role playing relationship. (._.) Haruka eventually starts to like Junichi and gets over the whole your not older thought. Eventually it hit chrismas time, which is 2 years after Junichi got his whimpy heart broken. There he asks Haruka on a date for chrismas, but Haruka says she can’t due to a chrismas party, where she invites Junichi as her date. As they enter the hotel where the “party” is supposed to be, they both head to the pool to wash away their sweat. Afterward they head up to the hotel room only for Junichi to find out Haruka lied about the party. Haruka heads to take a bath telling Junichi not to peak. Of course she comes out crying asking why he didn’t peak and why he wouldn’t ask her out again. Her embraces her and a scene 10 years later takes place. They both are now apparently married and it seems they still like to roleplay. (Nobody saw that coming. ::Roll::)

Current rating: 8/10

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

Ookami-san is made by J.C. Studios so they of course love to have their heroines be flat chested. Though this time their usual voice actor for this type of character, Kugimiya, Rie is not voicing her. Though she does voice a loli side character, Usami, Mimi, only seen in episode 3.

Anyway~ Ookami-san has been rather slow as well so really not to much to say. To start off Ryouko is viewed as an aggressive person, however Ryoushi has taken a liking to her believing the outside and inside don’t match up. That Ryouko is wearing a “mask” as to say. At first Ryouko doesn’t like Ryoushi but as always with tsunderes starts to open more to him and even begin to rely on him all while up keeping her “I don’t care about that bum” attitude.

The main point of the story revolves around the otogi bank. This isn’t exactly how it sound however. The Otogi bank is actually where clients request favors which put’s them in a “dept” that they have to repay. The head of the bank is actually the school¬†principle¬†but is being run inside by the actual student. Through this a client comes in to request Ryouko deal with her boyfriend and that she can’t do it herself. This turns into a trap however and Ryouko is ambushed and kidnapped by the “Oni” the delinquents. There a mysterious man seems to be the one behind it all. After a bit the rest show up and rescue ookami with Ryoushi watching her back as she fights.

With the latest episodes where the otogi bank invades the delinquents school of course while charging through them. Eventually they all get seperated with ookami confronting the student council president Hitsujikai, Shirou on her own. After seeing him, ookami’s body starts shaking uncontrollably until ryoushi arrives calling her name. What could the connection between them two be? Guess we will find out in the coming episodes. Ookami is seen sitting on a bench depressed when Ryoshi comes by to cheer her up, vowing that he will protect her.

Currently: 9/10

High School of the Dead

High school of the dead where everything is about Zombies, Boobs, and Panties. Quite honestly I’m going to post up this, the bolded part had me laughing for quite a good time.

What would it be like if a school was overrun by zombies?

… There’d be the breasts of a hot teacher bouncing around all over the place, wouldn’t there? She’d be trying to save her class from all kinds of trouble.

I try to keep this in mind when making the anime.


‚ÄúEven if the world is swarming with zombies, let us not forget the breasts and thighs!‚ÄĚ ‚Äď those are our watchwords.


I want to keep making lots of scenes full of jiggling breasts as much as possible. We really think the people who come to watch this are in it for the boobs.

Currently we are constantly researching how to better portray realistically the jiggling breast.


Yes, it’s all about the breast jiggle. I’ve never even seen an anime with as much jiggle as  this. We’re still in production for the remaining episodes but we’re going to keep at it with the jiggling.

Tell us what motivated you to make Highschool of the Dead?

I‚Äôm aiming for something I would have bought myself in middle school. At present, this would definitely have been a ‚Äúbuy‚ÄĚ for me. I can feel my schoolboy heart rejoicing even now.

Source: SankakuComplex

Hahaha, now with that out of the way. The main point of HSotD is obviously the zombie swarms. Komuro, Takashi is despairing over the fact that he lost his chance with the girl he loves, Miyamoto, Rei. While he’s sulking he sees a man at the front gate trying to get in. The teachers confront the guy, while one of the teachers reached out the gate the man bit into his armor cause the guy to die. A female teacher there got down to help him, just for the man to come back alive and begin eating her. (Like omg zombies, scary!) Takashi see’s this happening and runs to the class room to grab Rie as well as his best friend and her boyfriend Igou, Hiashi. As they begin to run the school becomes over run with everyone turning into the undead. It’s not only the school however, the entire world has become plauged. Thus the story of the survivors trying to escape that fate and get out of the city begins.

Current score: 7.5/10

Black Rock Shooter OVA

Black Rock Shooter OVA Review

I have been awaiting this one OVA since the date it was announced. I am a huge fan of the amazing artwork huke has always produced. So of course the moment I caught wind that his piece Black Rock Shooter would be getting it’s own OVA I simply died from overjoy. Now that I have been able to enjoy it as well, it didn’t quite hit my expectations. I am going to post a review on the OVA as two seperate parts. One part containing the world of Kuroi and one with the world of Black Rock Shooter. The reason why is simply because all there is to review on the Black Rock Shooter part is the battles that happen.

The story plays simultaneously, with Black Rock Shooter fighting in another world, while she is portrayed as a normal girl known as Kuroi, Mato. While Black Rock Shooter fights against her enemy Dead master, who is portrayed as a normal girl as well, Takanashi, Yomi. Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master wage their fight, while the two girls Mato and Yomi wish to grow closer.

The animation for the part of the Kuroi story is how it typically is seen in anime. However the part that shows Black Rock Shooter more so resembles how huke does his art work. Simply amazing says it all.

Kuroi, Mato

At the start of the OVA Kuroi is a middle school girl getting ready for her first day of school. It shows her as a young, rather MOE type girl. (Glad to go to school, what?) As she first walks to the school a certain girl catches her attention, Takanashi, Yomi. Kuroi takes a liking to her and tries to become friends with her. Though has a hard time trying to figure out ways to approach her. She is finally able to do it but in a rather humorous way if I must say. After that however they start to become closer to one another.

Takanashi, Yomi

Finally the next year comes and the two girls end up in separate classes. Time passes and the girls start to spend less time with one another and eventually begin to grow apart. During that year Kuroi meets another girl Yuu. The two of them begin to grow close just as she did with Yomi. Yomi starts to become jealous of the bond that Kuroi and Yuu have grown and runs away.

However Kuroi  becomes saddened by the distance that has grown between her and Yomi and finally towards the end of the OVA starts to do something about it. As she desperately starts searching for Yomi a blue glow begins to envelop her. She is transported to I guess you can say another dimension where she meets her other self, Black Rock Shooter. At that point the two girls merge and become one.

Whether this means Black Rock Shooter became kuroi is something I can’t say I can confirm or if it is vice versa. After the credits roll it shows that the two girls have reunited and have become friends once again. It also shows Yuu becoming depressed at the end. Is that some sort of¬†premonition¬†for a future OVA?

Black Rock Shooter

Now it’s time for the good part of the movie. The Black Rock Shooter part is simply the battles that ensue between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master. There is no voices or talking during these parts of the movie. The battles were somewhat well done however but I did enjoy them slightly.

Dead Master

The final battle that happens between the two is the last. Black Rock Shooter embraces Dead Master and the “evil” I would guess that was in Dead Master is purged and the “evil” then disappears.

Black‚ėÖGold Saw

At the very start of the movie people get to see the lovely Black Gold Saw. Even though she is only in the OVA for that brief period, it was a enjoyable part indeed.

Story Р5 | Animation/Art Р8 | Characters Р7 | Voices Р8

Evangelion 2.0 You can (Not) Advance

DvD/BD Sales


Surpassing initial expectations, Evangelion 2.22 has outsold even the mouldering corpse of Michael Jackson to become the best selling Blu-ray ever.

Oricon statistics show that in its first week the movie‚Äôs Blu-ray release sold a magnificent 357,000 copies, the best selling Blu-ray ever in Japan ‚Äď the runner up being the zombie prince of pederasty Michael Jackson, with his posthumously released ‚ÄúThis Is It‚ÄĚ garnering only a pathetic 351,000 copies.

Combined DVD and Blu-ray sales are already said to have reached 640,000 ‚Äď the best selling ‚Äúanime‚ÄĚ anime of all time, and the 14th best selling anime ever ‚Äď only mass market Ghibli and Disney animation boasts higher sales in Japan.


This movie was by far one of the greatest movies I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. At first I believed it would continue on it’s path and be a recap movie however I was proved wrong big time. The series itself changed drastically with only minor parts from the original series being in it. The movie had not only new angels, new evas but even a new pilot, Mari. To eva fans or even to those who don’t know of evangelion (If your an anime fan not knowing of this series would be rather hard to believe) should definetly check out this movie.


Now all that’s left is the long wait for the third movie.

Wei√ü Survive – Wei√ü Survive R

Too strange to even be under the term of funny.

Alright well for basics, this anime originally started back in June of 2009 ending Semptember 2009 (16 episodes in total, 2 and a half minutes in length per episode), followed by the second season “Wei√ü Survive R” which started in December 2009 and is still currently airing.

[Season 1]

At first I came across the anime while looking for something to watch, browsing It was under the terms of comedy so I though with it being two and a half minutes per episode, I thought it would be a good small time waster. I was sadly mistaken when I actually started watching it.

It starts off with both main characters sneaking into a library, followed by them being dragged into a strange world. There the main character must beat the opponents to leave and return to his world. Ok so it started off a bit odd but that was alright. Now once he enters the door he is greeted by an old man. After the super quick skipped explanation , he fight’s his friend, michi,¬† that was also pulled in with him, where she teaches him how to play. The rest of the series is just the same thing repeated till he escapes.

The first season also has cameos from Da Capo as well as Persona

Key Characters:

Takeshi – A typical male char often found in the genre for comedy/ecchi, basically a loud outspoken perv.

Michi – The female lead and quite a tsundere. She seems to be fond of takeshi but doesn’t like to show it, hence the tsundere. She is also seen kicking the main character quite often. A thing that got old and began getting annoying seeing as it happened 4+ times in every episode and seeing as they are 2 minutes each, that was a majority of the episode with just her doing that…

The old man – No idea what this characters name is. But I will say this, This character is beyond annoying, I wanted to punch my screen every time he appears, which was almost the whole period of each episode. He plays the role of basically, the overseer for the shows battles. However he’s quite perverted and some of the jokes played by him made me sick to my stomach.


[Season 2]

Well this one is a bit less on the annoying side but still overuses the same thing again and again. Well anyway this one starts out with takeshi and michi dueling one another, however there’s a small twist, they have lost their memories of the events that happened in the first season. The three sisters from the first season that takeshi fought are also now in his world, with the annoying old man returning in some kind of..bug form. The season is still ongoing but from how it is now, the series is still lacking in actually being funny, but it’s not as bad as the first season.

The second season also has cameos from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS and Fate/Stay Night.

Once the second season is finished I’ll re-edit this with my complete summary of how I saw it.