Kowarekake​ no​ Orgol​

The half broken music box

Well for starters I had no idea this anime was in production let alone existed, seeing as I found no information on it on any of the websites I normally use. But I came across it due to being put up on animetake, which is the place I normally use for direct downloads on recently subbed anime. The episode is a short one shot OVA I believe.

Anyway the evaluation! The anime itself is filled with a sorta of “Happy” theme mixed together with sadness. The OVA is about a man, Keiichiro. At the start he goes by a shrine to take cover from the rain where he discovers a pile of junk, with what looks like a girl in the middle of it. However it is actually old model android called a parents.

He took her to a repair shop to see if she could be reactivated however it seems shes too old of a model to have any parts to work with her. However overnight the girl somehow activates and begins living with him for just a few days. She has problems with her memory so he bought her a book so that she can record everything that happens to her. She saw how Keiichiro sometimes had an expression of loneliness on his face and wishes to put a smile back on Keiichiro. However just after a few weeks of living with him her body starts to begin deactivating, and upon learning of her wish. He took her to the beach and with a smile she shut down permanently.

Score : 10/10

Gpotato – Aika: CB soon or just another time holder?


Well it seems that gpotato has remodeled the website and forums for a game they will be hosting known as Aika. The game was put up on the Gpotato website quite a lone time ago, specific date is unknown to me.The game is mainly featured around a PvP aspect and is known to have extremely large nation wars, a feature most are looking forward to.

At first the GMs were slightly active but as time passed they were seen less and less. With that it started to piss people off and give most the assumption that it would take ages for it to be released into beta. The GMs only showed up to apologize for their inactivity however after the apology they vanished for a long period of time right after they apologized. It seemed like that process was just going to keep repeating itself.

With today, 1/19/10, it seems that everything may very well get a change of pace and we may be seeing a lot more of the GMs. Of course this was only done yesterday and the GMs with time may very well disappear off the face of the forums yet again. This being said while the lack of inactivity on the GMs part has angered most of the community, if they are truly working as hard as they can on the game and have stable servers as well as translations that aren’t shit, I’d say the community will be more grateful for that.

Anime Lineup – Winter 09/10 Opinions

There is a lot of anime that I have been watching in this lineup however a majority of them are just garbage or just haven’t hit a point yet where I found it enjoyable.


Baka to Test to Shokanju

Well this was one of the main animes I was looking forward to. The anime mixes together both strange animation along with an even stranger plot. The anime is mostly centered inside of a school setting, where the character fight in battles with the use of summoned beings. The attack power of the summons are centered around the last score they got on the previous test before the battle. So far I have watched up to episode to and it seems the main plot of the anime is a fight for a better classroom.

Score : 9/10.

Dance in the Vampire Bund

This is another one of the animes I was looking forward to this season. The manga was excellent which is why I have been looking forward to this for a while. As of right now the anime and it’s manga counterpart are on a slightly diffrent track but aren’t straying to far from one another, right now at least. The first episode seems to have been some sort of pre episode to most people and I really can see why.

The first episode bored me to tears and it seemed like nothing more than a troll episode. However with the second episode it got much better. With the manga it jumps right into the story however it seems the anime is doing  little explaining beforehand. I have my fingers crossed that shaft will continue to keep this anime on the right track and continue doing well with it.

Score : 8/10


Last but not least on my list of great animes this season is the epic Durarara!! To be honest I wasn’t really expecting to much from this anime before hand but with each episode I’m pulled more and more into this. I’ve only seen up to episode two and I’m not exactly familiar with the full plot or what is really going on. Episode one was mostly an introduction of the characters, might I add some insane one. There is also a cardboard stand of haro cameo in the episode as well. With episode two it was mainly a story of a female who has dropped into despair and wanting to commit suicide. All in all the anime has great animation, a great story, and very interesting characters.

Score : 9/10

MMD – Model Animation

Well two days ago I found a program called MikuMikudance which is a free program used mainly for dance animation. Since my future career will be mainly within the animation field I though this program would be a great starting point for me. Funny enough this program is actually completely free as well. So from my point of view is a excellent program for a beginner animator.

The program is rather simple to use once you get the hang of it and just as with any animation it’s best to have in depth knowledge on movement with the human body, as movement is done via bone segments. Easy enough the program has the pieces for each animation laid out as follows Model, bone, and facial manipulations.

Movement is done by selecting a joint area and simply moving it. Just as with a human every bendable joint can be selected to move to however you see it fit. Last for my extremely basic overview is frames. Every single movement you do to the model is recorded here upon registering the movement. In this it is also easy to select a certain joint moved and with a click, delete it, making it very easy to undo a certain action.

After spending countless hour upon hour of trying to get the hang of the program my production came out as this.

The Model being used is Cyber Miku, Creator unknown.

I will also be creating my own models for use in the software using lightwave in the future. However I’m going to just stick with premade models until I can utilize the program to it’s best.


So I finally decided to make myself a blog to keep up with everything I do since it seems I forget things most of the time. I’ll be using this quite often posting useless trash that probably won’t interest anyone other than myself. But who gives a damn since I’m making this for me to use anyway.

As of right now I haven’t been doing very much other than working on increasing my artistic range as well as spending a lot of time watching anime. Not much is exactly going on since I don’t plan to re-enter college till next year, giving me this time now to do as I please and learn the material before hand.

Anyway that’s it for this short post, I need to finish working on this crap and get it up already.