Winter Anime Season 2011

Winter chart brought to you by..someone.

Not much this season it seems. Gundam seed remastered will be a joy to rewatch. Not the best gundam but after this seasons gundam, I’ll need something old to cleanse my brain of that disasterpiece. Zero no Tsukaima will be getting it’s last season. It will probably bite like season 3 but it’s nice to see the animes closure finally. Lastly the black rock shooter anime. I have no idea how it will be so I’m avoiding any kind of fucktard hype on it so it doesn’t leave me disappointed. Everything else, well, unimportant.

As for movies, berserker, awe yea. Everything else is once again, unimportant. Also they need to go ahead and not release that Higurashi kira OVA. That shit really kills my liking for the excellent series that it originally was.

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