Tales of Graces F – Localization – Confirmed by Namco

Update: Tales of Graces confirmed. Please visit the site linked below.


Recently today, while browsing for some information on a certain part for graces. I came across awhole crap ton of topics that were about a localization of the game coming to the states.

Of course with this news I raged a bit. (Mainly over the fact that I spent $118 fucking bucks to import the damn game. Not to mention the $80+ I spent on the DLC costumes. Yes 90% of the games costumes are DLC and can not be obtained normally ingame. Each being $5. EACH, meaning you have to buy them seperate. IE All 4 geass costumes cost about $20.) After my rage moment I went on to looking into this news.

First off, fans have been raging on namcos facebook about the lack of an import. With this, today namco has put up a post on thier facebook with this. Which is the assumption of an import.

Now, they put up a website, with a blurred out image located here.


The assumptions that this is a lead to a localization of the game is that “Tales of” and richard, who is a character in the game. The two also has a meaning to do with richard but that would be a major spoiler so that much I will have to leave out. People may take it as it is, since this isn’t a true confirmtaion, but one hell of a hint towards it being so.

If your interested in keeping up till the true unveiling, stay tuned with namcos facebook page located here:


    • FreezingCicada
    • January 30th, 2011

    I gotta admit that picture looks kinda cool.
    Anyways, I’m not gonna think bout this too much.
    Mostly cause not much of an analyzer and I’m all tapped out on MvC3 hype to get much hype from this. >_>

    • Well it looks like it on and off. Some days it seems like it’ll say it but others it looks like it’s something completely different.

      Namco needs to stop being asses and get straight to the point. They aren’t building hype, their building anger in most tales fans.

        • FreezingCicada
        • January 31st, 2011

        Still sounds like hype to me.
        Its getting people interested in whether its real or just trolling.

        Anyway. Its better not let this keep you up at night. đŸ˜›

  1. I still have the Japanese version, this won’t keep me up at night. Haha

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