To Aru Majutsu no Index S2 – Overview (So far)

To Aru Majutsu no Index II

The wonders of the great J.C. studios. I myself am an atheist, so isn’t it just a bit odd that I find myself enjoying an anime featuring churches, Catholics, and God? Yea it really is. Anyway onto the main point.

The Story now dives deeper into the church and magic. Most of the first season took place inside the academy city, with the enemies coming and targeting  Index and company. The second season started off with touma and Index getting chased around by a fast nutcase, Ouma Yamisaka. He apparently needs the volumes within Index to find a way to dispel a curse placed on someone important to him. The volumes end up causing massive pain to him, thus causing him to fail. Touma once again finds a way to convince him. Could this man end up as a future ally of toumas? Sadly this is the only episode in which misaka has been seen thus far. 😦

Awe Misakas got a crush on Touma.

After the occurrence in the first episode, the story picks up on it’s tracks in the second episode with Touma getting sent on a wild goose chase to find Stiyl who “kidnapped” index. Thus leading him out of the academy city onto the outskirts. This is where we see our first roman catholic, Orsola Aquinas, who is trying to run from being captured. Touma ends up bringing Orsola to Stiyl, which was stiyl’s original objective in getting touma out of the academy city. That of course pisses him off.

Touma’s pissed and right after, the ground below Orsola is cut off causing her to fall. This is where we meet a large scale amount of roman catholics. The main one being Agnese Sanctis, a loli who wears these huge ass platforms. Since she’s a loli and this is made by J.C. Studios, she is obviously voiced by Rie, the tsundere queen. During their night there, there is a lot of mishaps resulting in toumas head being fanged by Index.

Ouch Seems a tad painful, yes?

In the end Touma and co. begin fighting the Amakusa. By coinsidence Orsola once again runs into Touma trying to escape. This is where they encounter the current sub lead of the Amakusa, Saiji Tatemiya. This guys outfit is strange to say the least. Main point is he moves quick…with untied shoes…

Anyway he ends up being captured by the Roman Catholics. This ends up leading to a horrible truth. The truth of the roman catholics ends up coming to light. Once again Touma heads off to save Orsola and that begins the battle of Touma, Index, Stiyl, and the Amakusa VS the endless amounts of roman catholics.

They end up getting cornered by the creepy ladies that stabbed their own ear drums. The scene cuts and shows touma entering the building that Agnese is in. This is where the climax of the fight with the catholics ensure.

Loli beating, really, touma you bastard!

In the end, touma ends up waking up in the hospital. God his hospital bill monthly must be freaking huge.

Also awe another crush on Touma it seems



The OP is once again sung by Kawada Mami, who sung the 2 OPs for the first season. TV size which can be viewed below:

Torrent for the full song can be found here. Credits to Nipponsei.

Subs by Ayako

Due to the length of this overview, I put it in it’s own post. The other 3 for this season will be all in one post

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