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Fate/Stay Night
Unlimited Blade Works

A movie even people who don’t watch anime, are willing to watch. Anyway before you even think of watching this, watch the original animation, Fate/Stay Night. Otherwise you will be left curious as to what the hell is going on in the first half.

The story follows the UBW path of the Visual Novel (Lovely game, I recommend playing it. It’s a VN but it’s more story focused rather than sex every scene.) Needless to say the very beginning followed the typical “Start” before a route is chosen. For a VN most fail terribly at putting the good story into a 12 episode anime. Yet this movie was able to do the story nicely within just 1:45.

The movie had gore at some parts, poor illya, she nuts but she’s still just a little “fake” girl. 😦 Damn, gilgamesh. I have to admit however, the outfit he has in this route is 10 times better than his general cloths/Ugly ass golden armor.

The part in which the transfer of magic from rin to shirou changed in this. Funny thing is they made it “seem: as if it was going to happen, which gave me a little laugh. So no sex in the movie for all those that hoped for it.


The blueray quality was fucking amazing. There was always one part of the animation that was always fantasticly done. That is the depth of shirou’s eyes. They also added a light effect to the clashes of weapons, as well as when the servents moved at high speed.


Seen fate/stay night? Well then you should know the characters quite well. If you haven’t, then like I said, why the hell are reading this? Only real changes was that they showed a more helpless illya, more insane shinji, and a stronger shirou. Changes to personality along with the arc, but the basic “Who they are” is still the same.


The music could have used some work. Not to say it was bad in any way. Obviously the UBW music was played during the fight with archer and shirou. Though to be honest that is the only one that I even remember.



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-Newb review brought to you by Tsyuku (Needs more work on review writing but hey, w/e, to lazy to try and put effort into this stuff right now.)

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