Namco – Tales of Grace PS3 [More Failure]

Namco Bandai’s Tale of Grace released on the WII was known to be a complete bugfest. The game hit a point where the company actually had to recall the game.

As most people suspected, with what namco did with vesperia, would happen the same with grace surely aren’t surprised by this announcement. The game is now being developed in a complete edition once again for the Playstation 3. This will probably once again spark outrage for selling an “incomplete” game or as sankakucomplex usually puts it, beta testers for a PS3 port.

Being a playstation man myself I find this as really excellent news. That is until I found the shocking truth that this game will not be coming to america period, WII or PS3 version. This makes me wonder, is the company really trying to go bankrupt, or their CEO has just lost his mind. I guess the visioned future where tales games are no longer made may be sooner than expected by causing outrage to XBOX360 users and now even WII users. This will more or less lead to people not even bothering to pick up a copy of a new tales title with what has happened twice now in mind.

    • FreezingCicada
    • July 29th, 2010

    I gotta ask, shocking truth?
    If you suspected something like this happening then you should have known it wouldn’t be localized considering that the PS3 version of Vesperia doesn’t have any news on a release date in America.
    But if it was sarcasm then ignore the above.

    Anyways I’m sure there not trying to go bankrupt.
    In fact from old news from Comic-con Namco/Capcom is they are working on a Tekken vs Street Fighter cross overs.

    But yeah, Not looking good for the Tales series.

  1. No it wasn’t sarcasm. Since the original version never actually came here, I thought that they were waiting on the final version if this did happen to send to us. Now it’s just getting ridiculous. The company should know that the games sell rather well in america and that they are in financial danger so why the hell wouldn’t they?

    • FreezingCicada
    • July 29th, 2010

    Simple reason.
    Cause Namco hates us and would rather localize games like Muscle March then bother with the tales series. 😛

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