Black Rock Shooter OVA

Black Rock Shooter OVA Review

I have been awaiting this one OVA since the date it was announced. I am a huge fan of the amazing artwork huke has always produced. So of course the moment I caught wind that his piece Black Rock Shooter would be getting it’s own OVA I simply died from overjoy. Now that I have been able to enjoy it as well, it didn’t quite hit my expectations. I am going to post a review on the OVA as two seperate parts. One part containing the world of Kuroi and one with the world of Black Rock Shooter. The reason why is simply because all there is to review on the Black Rock Shooter part is the battles that happen.

The story plays simultaneously, with Black Rock Shooter fighting in another world, while she is portrayed as a normal girl known as Kuroi, Mato. While Black Rock Shooter fights against her enemy Dead master, who is portrayed as a normal girl as well, Takanashi, Yomi. Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master wage their fight, while the two girls Mato and Yomi wish to grow closer.

The animation for the part of the Kuroi story is how it typically is seen in anime. However the part that shows Black Rock Shooter more so resembles how huke does his art work. Simply amazing says it all.

Kuroi, Mato

At the start of the OVA Kuroi is a middle school girl getting ready for her first day of school. It shows her as a young, rather MOE type girl. (Glad to go to school, what?) As she first walks to the school a certain girl catches her attention, Takanashi, Yomi. Kuroi takes a liking to her and tries to become friends with her. Though has a hard time trying to figure out ways to approach her. She is finally able to do it but in a rather humorous way if I must say. After that however they start to become closer to one another.

Takanashi, Yomi

Finally the next year comes and the two girls end up in separate classes. Time passes and the girls start to spend less time with one another and eventually begin to grow apart. During that year Kuroi meets another girl Yuu. The two of them begin to grow close just as she did with Yomi. Yomi starts to become jealous of the bond that Kuroi and Yuu have grown and runs away.

However Kuroi  becomes saddened by the distance that has grown between her and Yomi and finally towards the end of the OVA starts to do something about it. As she desperately starts searching for Yomi a blue glow begins to envelop her. She is transported to I guess you can say another dimension where she meets her other self, Black Rock Shooter. At that point the two girls merge and become one.

Whether this means Black Rock Shooter became kuroi is something I can’t say I can confirm or if it is vice versa. After the credits roll it shows that the two girls have reunited and have become friends once again. It also shows Yuu becoming depressed at the end. Is that some sort of premonition for a future OVA?

Black Rock Shooter

Now it’s time for the good part of the movie. The Black Rock Shooter part is simply the battles that ensue between Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master. There is no voices or talking during these parts of the movie. The battles were somewhat well done however but I did enjoy them slightly.

Dead Master

The final battle that happens between the two is the last. Black Rock Shooter embraces Dead Master and the “evil” I would guess that was in Dead Master is purged and the “evil” then disappears.

Black★Gold Saw

At the very start of the movie people get to see the lovely Black Gold Saw. Even though she is only in the OVA for that brief period, it was a enjoyable part indeed.

Story – 5 | Animation/Art – 8 | Characters – 7 | Voices – 8

  1. Hmmm seems not to many comments in your blog :O

    Your anime List is huge, your pretty much watching everything, and Black Rock shooter IMO was a let down. The animation was good but the fighting seemed to mix in with the story at all

    Nice blog btw ^_^


    • Yea it seems to have been disappointing to most people. After seeing the pilot I figured it would end up more on the slice of life side, at least when I thought it would be a series. Seeing as they would push the fight across that many episodes. Reducing it to 1 OVA just made it even more like that which I guess is why it was a let down.

      Also thanks. I’m still a nab at blogging but I guess I’m getting a bit better. Though it’s turning into a review blog more than anything.

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