Soul Master Hit’s CB on July 22nd

We would like to welcome all of you to the Soul Master Community, and are pleased to announce that the Closed Beta Test is currently scheduled to open at 11am PDT on Thursday, July 22nd!

The Soul Master CBT will run from 11am (7/22) ~ 5pm (8/4) PDT.

Everyone that wishes to participate will require a CBT Key to register, however as a thank you to those that had shown interest in the game long before the CBT was close, all accounts that registered for CBT Keys before 4:00pm PDT on 7/8/2010 have already been marked so that they will NOT need to input a CBT Key in order to participate in the Closed Beta Test. We will also be announcing several rewards and opportunities which will be exclusive to those of you whom had registered early. Once again, if you registered for the Soul Master CBT before today (7/8), you will not need a CBT Key.

All accounts that wish to register for the CBT from this point forward will need to visit one of our CBT partners in order to receive a CBT Key in order to participate in the test. After clicking the “Register for CBT Key” button at the top left of the website, accounts not yet registered for the Beta will be shown the current list of CBT Key affiliates which we will be updating frequently as their sites go live with the giveaways over the next two weeks. Visit one of them, follow their instructions to receive your CBT Key, and simply enter it on the Soul Master registration page when prompted to input your key.

To clarify for existing GamesCampus users, you must still register for the Soul Master CBT with your existing accounts in order to participate. Those of you who have already done so, welcome aboard, and those of you who haven’t done so yet will need to grab a CBT Key to register your GamesCampus account for the Beta Test.

We’re extremely excited to show you all what we’ve been working on over the months, and we’re almost there! As a standard CBT reminder however, for the two weeks after we open on 7/22 it will be to test the game live, find what needs to be changed or fixed based on your feedback and what we observe, and then make improvements to the game before we go to open service this summer.

Our intention is to upgrade our current build based on what we have already seen with the Japanese service’s CBT, and attempt to get those improvements added to our existing client within the next two weeks. It looks like we’ll be able to do it in time, however if anything comes up we take the stance that it’s better to take the time needed to make a better game than to rush out something of lesser quality. All that being said, we sincerely appreciate all of your interest and enthusiasm on the forums in the interim, and we look forward to playing with you all in a few short weeks!

Please keep an eye on the Announcements and Events section of the forums as we approach July 22nd for more information about CBT Events, Contests, and Giveaways!

-Alpha, Soul Master Producer

For the Closed beta we will be able to experience the Knight, Bearcat, and the Priest. All three of those classes can be viewed at this location on MMOsite. We can hopefully expect to see the 3 missing classes which would be Maharite, Slayer, and Chirsnian, by the time the game enters it’s open beta state. The GMs seemed to have put a considerable amount of time on the game, so we can expect to see decent translations and a mildly to no buggy experience. Users will hopefully inform the staff if they do encounter any bugs.

Soul Master also has a rather, strange community. The game has a low population however users seem to want to create a guild left and right. It feels sort of like I’m having to deal with kids when I see it. Lets hope this small community is bigger come time for the games closed beta.

That’s all for now, as posted in a previous blog, I will give a thorough review of the game after the Closed beta test has come to an end and and I have been able to fully experience the game.

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