Xbox 360: A Failure Reproduced as a Slim Failure

Reports of Xbox 360 hardware failures are already surfacing in some numbers, suggesting Microsoft may yet maintain its unrivalled reputation for producing quality hardware, despite cunningly removing the red LED from the unit in order to “solve” the RRoD problem.

Overheating problems seem to be the major issue, resulting in quite severe problems.

Possibly Microsoft would have done better to wait until the winter…

Another user apparently demonstrates the handy propensity of the unit to shut itself off in order to avoid heat damage:

The red ring of death has reportedly been upgraded to a green dot of death, just one of the many reasons the Xbox 360 Slim is fast shaping up to be an essential purchase.

Source:  Sankaku Complex

Well this just goes to show that microsoft is all about the money. They put out a new version of the original Xbox in a slim version, that results with the same exact issues as the original fat. The only upside is it has built in wifi. Wow that saves you the money of spending $100 just to have wifi, as the original needed. But I’m sure the new issue of over heating that will cause the system to break down much faster, even with the damn auto shut down feature. Which I’m sure will piss a lot of people off when they are in a game and the system want’s to temporarily shut down on them.

There seems to be a lot wrong with this company. It seems they are putting their competitive (IE, they more or less made the slim to combat the Sony PS3 slim.) above quality. It really makes me wonder why the mass of americans perfer the Xbox over the Playstation 3 which has minor to no issues but I guess that’s all a matter of opinion.

I wonder how many more issues will arrive with this new slim but as any one can guess it will get worse. It is microsoft after all and they are known for their predictable quality.

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