Evangelion 2.0 You can (Not) Advance

DvD/BD Sales


Surpassing initial expectations, Evangelion 2.22 has outsold even the mouldering corpse of Michael Jackson to become the best selling Blu-ray ever.

Oricon statistics show that in its first week the movie’s Blu-ray release sold a magnificent 357,000 copies, the best selling Blu-ray ever in Japan – the runner up being the zombie prince of pederasty Michael Jackson, with his posthumously released “This Is It” garnering only a pathetic 351,000 copies.

Combined DVD and Blu-ray sales are already said to have reached 640,000 – the best selling “anime” anime of all time, and the 14th best selling anime ever – only mass market Ghibli and Disney animation boasts higher sales in Japan.


This movie was by far one of the greatest movies I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. At first I believed it would continue on it’s path and be a recap movie however I was proved wrong big time. The series itself changed drastically with only minor parts from the original series being in it. The movie had not only new angels, new evas but even a new pilot, Mari. To eva fans or even to those who don’t know of evangelion (If your an anime fan not knowing of this series would be rather hard to believe) should definetly check out this movie.


Now all that’s left is the long wait for the third movie.

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