GameCampus – Soul Master

A real time strategy role playing game. Soul master is set for it’s closed beta testing within the month of July under the publisher Game Campus.

The game features both PvE missions in which you can fight against CPUs in mission based battles or PvP against others to get the true feel of the game. You will be able to fight alongside with others as well if a party is formed. Alongside the player are monsters known as souls, which are produced in the players home base on the maps.

There will be 6 classes which are gender locked. For the warrior base there is the Knight [Male] and Slayer[Female] (Very little information is released on the slayer class). The beast class consists of Bearcat [Male] and Maharite [Female]. Finally the mage class, which consists of Priest [Female] and Chirsnian [Male] (Very little is known on the Chirsnian class as well)

As of right now information on the game is rather scarce and once the game is in closed beta and I’ve been given the chance to test it, I will give a very thorough review.

The Soul master team has plans to put up game information as well as a GM blog to keep us informed of how the game is going.

You may also check out their youtube channel which consists of a good amount of their testing and gameplay videos.

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