Anime Spring Lineup – My Personal Opinion

Alright well this season only a few animes have caught my attention are well of course, posses the generic feel. The main one to stand out for me is of course Angel Beats!

Angel Beats!

Well to start, the anime is about a group of people who have went through horrible lives, ended up dieing young, and wish to fight against god for allowing such a horrible fate. The storyline is rather confusing at first and even now (Episode 6) the story is still rather unclear. It is said that by blending in with the NPCs* that exist within the world and going to classes, you will disappear from the world and pass on. As to avoid this, the group causes as much disturbance as they possibly can. Tachibana, Kanade (Tenshi) is believed to be the enemy of the world, even though the characters don’t know whether she actually is or not.

*NPCs are the beings that coincide within the world. They aren’t like normal humans and can only see what is in front of them. As to say if someone causes a disturbance in the class the teachers and students will see it as “Normal” and as such go along with it.

B Gata H Kei

The backing to this anime is the the main female Yamada, wishes to get 100 buddies to screw. Ordinarily it’s just portraying her as some kind of slut. However the truth is Yamada gets embarrassed at the slightest thing, whether it’s kissing, giving a gift or w/e the case.

The main point of the story is that she finds someone who she will “use” to have sex with and then toss him aside and begin her quest to get 100 men in bed. She however starts to like Kosuda and ends up getting no where with him due to her complete shyness.

The story is rather comedic but quite honestly it’s rather boring to watch. I mean I can’t even think of anything legitimate to review for this. =\

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mao

Wishing for his future to be that of a high priest. Sai, Akuto enters the magic academy. Upon going through the examinations for new students it’s found out that his future job will be that of a demon load. Far the opposite of what he had wished to become. Due to this misconception he is seen as the enemy of the school and is pretty much rejected by everyone. He tried to avoid his destiny but time and time again he is drawn into things which belonged to the previous demon lord, bringing his fate even closer.

The anime is pretty good aside from the censors that happen on the episode that airs on MX which is the one to usually be subbed. (AT-X airs it uncensored a few days later) It’s your typical harem with a bunch of girls hanging all over the main character. With the spunk studen council president Lily Shiraishi being my favorite.

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

An orphan named Takumi was picked up by his adoptive sister Otome when he was a child. The story is a comedic romance harem. So of course there is the typical tsundere, Fumino. She grew up telling nothing but lies. This of course is not meant to be bad lies, just everything she says is actually meant as the opposite. The current point of the story is how Chise tries to fill the void her parents leave by making a club and recruiting Takumi and his friends.

Personally this is my comedy anime of the season and it quite satisfies that aspect.

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