Angel Beats & Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

A comparison made by blind fools

Alright to start off before angel beats even aired, Angel beats heroine Yuri was stated to be a replica in appearance to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu main star Suzumiya, Haruhi. Admittedly they do appear similar but exactly why is it that people label her as another Haruhi? As Angel beats progresses the difference between the two are so incredible yet still, idiots continue to label her the same.

Yuri is a leader of a group the same as Haruhi, but that alone is a mere position within the anime. Yuri is strong, wanting to lead those around her into happiness, to find out the truth of why the world is so cruel. Caring about the members of her team even knowing that they will be revived if dead, even cursing herself for poor leadership (Episode 2). Not only that but even willing to put herself right in the midst of battle to fight instead of sitting back. (Episode 6)

To wrap this up, simply put, the appearance is the only similar thing between the two girls. The actual characters are completely different. So the fact for those that say “I’m not gonna bother with angel beats, I’ve already seen Haruhi” are missing out on a very excellent anime.

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