Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – An anime worthy of a legend

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Movie: Lagann-hen

The movie came out last year, however it was only a week ago that it was subbed. Yea, this is rather late as I watched it myself the moment the subs were released, was just to lazy to write this. However here goes my thought’s on the second movie.


Enough said

Nah there’s really more to be said. The movie went at a rather fast face, but not a noticeable one. The movie relays the second arc of the TV series, set on the anti spiral war. There were a few changes added in, but to not spoil them, I’ll leave them for the reader to read. Even though the movie was a recap, is was hell worth the watch. Sadly there are very small amounts of great anime like this that exist in the current era.

For a recap, the anti spiral war takes place 7 years after the beast man war (The first arc). Apparently humans were not to reach out into space, however once they did so. An auto human extermination plan was set into motion. Nia at this point was also taken control of an became the anti spiral messanger. The destruction of the attack was all blamed on simon, who himself was a hero in the war against the beast men and enabled humans to live on the surface. However he was set to be executed to appease the rage of those affected by the anti spiral attack.

The humans however constructed a ship large enough to carry the masses of earth and headed into space, only to be attacked once again by the anti spirals. Unexpectedly however yoko appears and rescues simon who was about to be eliminated by nia. Once this finishes simon heads out into space and fights off the anti spiral attacks, saving the ship.

Simon once again resumes leadership and the crew head off towards the space thought to be the anti spiral homeworld, where the final battle ensues. Not much to explain here as it’s pretty much just a struggle to fight.

After the battle it shows them all once again on earth. Simon and nia are to get married, but is of course interrupted by nia disappearing. They both knew that this would be the outcome and simon takes his leave of command, forever.

Rating : 10/10

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