Osu! – Hitting the rhythm



Well for starters I came across this at complete random. I was browsing around for anime and instead came across a userbar displaying the games name and the users ranking. At first I just glanced at it but then became curious at what the score and ranking meant. Thus I came across the site and the addicting game Osu!

The game is clicking icons as they appear a long with song playing in the background. The game can be seen as a variation to DDR, I guess you can say. The game features a score and ranking system that are sure to keep people intrested if they want to break their way to the top. Another cool feature is that the game itself also has unlockable achievements.

The UI is quite simple, you select a song, and simply follow along with the icons as they appear. You must download all songs yourself and on the site it also tell you the difficulty the song will rank within. Depending on how well timed your clicks were and how many misses will determine your score at the end.

The game also has some cool other games as well. One of which is catching fruit as it falls and another which I haven’t quite tested myself. However those do not have any rankings.

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