Kowarekake​ no​ Orgol​

The half broken music box

Well for starters I had no idea this anime was in production let alone existed, seeing as I found no information on it on any of the websites I normally use. But I came across it due to being put up on animetake, which is the place I normally use for direct downloads on recently subbed anime. The episode is a short one shot OVA I believe.

Anyway the evaluation! The anime itself is filled with a sorta of “Happy” theme mixed together with sadness. The OVA is about a man, Keiichiro. At the start he goes by a shrine to take cover from the rain where he discovers a pile of junk, with what looks like a girl in the middle of it. However it is actually old model android called a parents.

He took her to a repair shop to see if she could be reactivated however it seems shes too old of a model to have any parts to work with her. However overnight the girl somehow activates and begins living with him for just a few days. She has problems with her memory so he bought her a book so that she can record everything that happens to her. She saw how Keiichiro sometimes had an expression of loneliness on his face and wishes to put a smile back on Keiichiro. However just after a few weeks of living with him her body starts to begin deactivating, and upon learning of her wish. He took her to the beach and with a smile she shut down permanently.

Score : 10/10

    • Sierel
    • January 23rd, 2010

    The summary of “Kowarekake​ no​ Orgol” pretty much reminds me of the Kinetic novel “Planetarian”. Definitely i must check this out.

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