Gpotato – Aika: CB soon or just another time holder?

Well it seems that gpotato has remodeled the website and forums for a game they will be hosting known as Aika. The game was put up on the Gpotato website quite a lone time ago, specific date is unknown to me.The game is mainly featured around a PvP aspect and is known to have extremely large nation wars, a feature most are looking forward to.

At first the GMs were slightly active but as time passed they were seen less and less. With that it started to piss people off and give most the assumption that it would take ages for it to be released into beta. The GMs only showed up to apologize for their inactivity however after the apology they vanished for a long period of time right after they apologized. It seemed like that process was just going to keep repeating itself.

With today, 1/19/10, it seems that everything may very well get a change of pace and we may be seeing a lot more of the GMs. Of course this was only done yesterday and the GMs with time may very well disappear off the face of the forums yet again. This being said while the lack of inactivity on the GMs part has angered most of the community, if they are truly working as hard as they can on the game and have stable servers as well as translations that aren’t shit, I’d say the community will be more grateful for that.

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