Anime Lineup – Winter 09/10 Opinions

There is a lot of anime that I have been watching in this lineup however a majority of them are just garbage or just haven’t hit a point yet where I found it enjoyable.


Baka to Test to Shokanju

Well this was one of the main animes I was looking forward to. The anime mixes together both strange animation along with an even stranger plot. The anime is mostly centered inside of a school setting, where the character fight in battles with the use of summoned beings. The attack power of the summons are centered around the last score they got on the previous test before the battle. So far I have watched up to episode to and it seems the main plot of the anime is a fight for a better classroom.

Score : 9/10.

Dance in the Vampire Bund

This is another one of the animes I was looking forward to this season. The manga was excellent which is why I have been looking forward to this for a while. As of right now the anime and it’s manga counterpart are on a slightly diffrent track but aren’t straying to far from one another, right now at least. The first episode seems to have been some sort of pre episode to most people and I really can see why.

The first episode bored me to tears and it seemed like nothing more than a troll episode. However with the second episode it got much better. With the manga it jumps right into the story however it seems the anime is doing  little explaining beforehand. I have my fingers crossed that shaft will continue to keep this anime on the right track and continue doing well with it.

Score : 8/10


Last but not least on my list of great animes this season is the epic Durarara!! To be honest I wasn’t really expecting to much from this anime before hand but with each episode I’m pulled more and more into this. I’ve only seen up to episode two and I’m not exactly familiar with the full plot or what is really going on. Episode one was mostly an introduction of the characters, might I add some insane one. There is also a cardboard stand of haro cameo in the episode as well. With episode two it was mainly a story of a female who has dropped into despair and wanting to commit suicide. All in all the anime has great animation, a great story, and very interesting characters.

Score : 9/10

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