MMD – Model Animation

Well two days ago I found a program called MikuMikudance which is a free program used mainly for dance animation. Since my future career will be mainly within the animation field I though this program would be a great starting point for me. Funny enough this program is actually completely free as well. So from my point of view is a excellent program for a beginner animator.

The program is rather simple to use once you get the hang of it and just as with any animation it’s best to have in depth knowledge on movement with the human body, as movement is done via bone segments. Easy enough the program has the pieces for each animation laid out as follows Model, bone, and facial manipulations.

Movement is done by selecting a joint area and simply moving it. Just as with a human every bendable joint can be selected to move to however you see it fit. Last for my extremely basic overview is frames. Every single movement you do to the model is recorded here upon registering the movement. In this it is also easy to select a certain joint moved and with a click, delete it, making it very easy to undo a certain action.

After spending countless hour upon hour of trying to get the hang of the program my production came out as this.

The Model being used is Cyber Miku, Creator unknown.

I will also be creating my own models for use in the software using lightwave in the future. However I’m going to just stick with premade models until I can utilize the program to it’s best.

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